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Solar Cookers Offer Affordable, Safe Cooking to Rural Women
A completed parabolic square cooker Harnessing the power of the Cook Barefoot’s Solar Cooker Department has been working diligently to teach the Mamas how to disassemble, assemble and use Parabolic Solar Cookers. With guidance, the...
The Panorama of Solar-Powered Vision
When Solar-Powered electricity is given to the rural poor, the effects are manifold, like being able to see outside the open door to an entire landscape when before there was just the keyhole available. Video...
Zanzibar Mamas Alight with Solar Engineering Graduation
Our Proud Beekeeper Mamas Last week, our Zanzibar Solar Training Centre congratulated its current group of Solar Mamas on successfully completing their 5-month training programs. This is the third batch of Mamas that have graduated...
Madagascar Grandmas Are Solar Revolutionaries
Not having access to electricity, life in Ambakivao, Madagascar was dark. A group of grandmothers decided to change that, bringing light to their community by becoming the village’s first solar engineers. With the help of...
Tender Notice Inviting Bids for Pacific Islands Solar Initiative 28/06/2018
For submission of tenders click here, last date of submission of 19/07/2018
Myanmar's Solar Sisters
In 2017 we embarked on a mission with WWF Myanmar to send 5 women to travel to our desert campus in Rajasthan. Witness their lifestyle before and after their journey to a distant place.  ...
French President says Barefoot College decided to act and keep acting
Sunday Mar 11 Following their recent graduation, our Women Solar Engineers (Class of Winter 2018), originating from 14 countries, were invited by the International Solar Alliance (ISA) to open their Founding Ceremony at the president’s...
A volunteer's story: Abin
by Karen Veness “I packed lightly when I came to Barefoot. I never dreamed how quickly life would lead me down a very different path.” – Abin Thomas, former volunteer, presently; Solar M&E Coordinator With...
India’s first global solar products launched by women
Disruption typically comes from the ground up, like an Earthquake. Unexpected, a rumble comes then a shake and things have forever changed. Some rumbles came from small labs or even garages. Others came from a...
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For Women, By Women
For Women, By Women Two leaders create entrepreneurship solutions for sustainable energy Sometimes you meet someone who you realise could finish your sentences, whose spark and energy rivals your own. That is how Barefoot’s CEO...