Meet Feliciana, a 31-year-old vibrant force from an indigenous Guatemalan village. She was never given the chance to complete her education, and only had the opportunity to go up to the 6th grade, so she never imagined she’d one day be known as a Solar Master Trainer.

In 2020, she travelled to train with us and to master the art and science of solar engineering. Now, back in Guatemala, she’s at the forefront of our Barefoot College International Guatemala campus, passionately sharing her knowledge and empowering other women to do the same.

Once an aspiring teacher, Feliciana’s dreams had been dimmed by the lack of opportunities in her region. The lack of teaching jobs and the financial constraints to continue education beyond 6th grade were just some of the obstacles.

But a golden opportunity to with Barefoot College International transformed her path. With the inauguration of the new Guatemalan training centre, she found herself not just learning, but also teaching — fulfilling her dream of empowering other women.

Feliciana hails from a village with its fair share of challenges. Damaged roads, a frequently washed-away bridge, and inconsistent electricity leave homes in darkness. For many, their only source of light is candles. A source so dim, Feliciana recalls, she used to struggle to read her homework by its glow — and even had her assignment accidentally burned by a toppled candle.

“Life’s so much more beautiful with light,” she says, speaking of her mission and its significance. With her undying spirit, she believes she’s not far from independently teaching solar engineering — making a significant change in her community.

Joining Feliciana in this solar revolution is Juana, another Solar Master Trainer. Both these powerhouses underwent as solar engineers with the dream of electrifying their communities, and are now leading the training of more women in Guatemala.