Mission + Vision

Acknowledging the challenges of climate change, we envision soil-based livelihoods that generate resilience and dignified wages for small landholding farmers using Regenerative Agriculture, Permaculture Principles and Agroecology built systems to sustain life and care for land.

Targeting UN Sustainability Goals

1. Improving income generation and creating opportunities among subsistence farming communities.

Our Impact

907 Beehives

provided, with training, to farmers

504 Women


6 Whole Foods

with distribution channels

100% Increase

in coffee revenue since 2017

4,000 KG Honey

directly sourced from farmers

10,700 KG Coffee

directly sourced from farmers

Co-Created Curriculum & Market Linkages


Stage 1

Co-Created Curriculum & Implementation

We use permaculture philosophy to collaboratively design solutions for the needs of farmers and their ecosystems. By building from regenerative land use management systems like agroforestry and silvopasture we mimic natural ecological succession with the benefits of increased biodiversity, soil structure and health, carbon sequestration and diversification of income generation for the farmer which results in enhanced livelihoods and more resilient ecosystems.

These workshops encompass an initial needs assessment, and also deliver curriculum to farmers that builds agency, digital and IT literacy and essential knowledge about their value chains.

Stage 2

Market Linkage

Food is not a commodity. It is a livelihood for the farmer and a necessity for everyone else.

Once we understand the farming communities’ sustainable capacity for output, our team will facilitate market linkages. Through initial handholding workshops, the community elects members with salesmanship to manage and establish income sources.

This new community-owned supply chain can incur sales on a village, regional, national or export level.

Connecting Revolutionary Enterprises to Fair Supply Chains

Our work in over 90 countries gives us access to some of the most gourmet common and exotic ingredients, grown without chemicals and sold at rates that give farmers increased opportunity through dignified wages.

Our Distributors

Intervention Spaces


With a holistic approach to Apiculture, we engage rural women in the art of keeping bees to enhance pollination of local flora and crops as well as produce pure and natural honey and bees byproducts. It also creates opportunities for additional sources of household income, based on resources accessible in their direct environment. With constant reevaluation and adjustment to local factors, our programme:

  • Facilitates structured and hands-on beekeeping trainings,
  • Provides the required equipment,
  • Ensures continued ongoing support to beneficiaries through beekeeping experts, local partners and project coordinators,
  • Connects women beekeepers to local honey sourcing networks where they are assured a fair price like, 
but not exclusively to, B.Barefoot.


We work with coffee farmers to improve the quality of their coffee, introduce them to different stages of the value chain and integrate them to fair trade markets. By introducing farmers to produce specialty coffee we are able to increase their livelihoods by 20% to 40% and offer a variety of additional workshops on permaculture, environmental stewardship, climate resilience, coffee culture and food sovereignty.
We also analyze the local economy with farmers and handhold them to sell their coffee to fair trade buyers. Eventually encouraging them to elect sales managers among their community to handle logistics for delivering orders every harvest.


Turmeric is a highly sought out product nowadays, we encourage women farmers who grow it to gain knowledge on its medicinal and culinary value through dedicated workshops, making them aware of the full supply chain which they are an essential part of; as well as the proper way to process turmeric from fresh root to a powdered delicious (and medicinal) ingredient for good storage and transportation.
By becoming proactive quality producers our student farmers get better prices, they create food sovereignty and improve family health.

Nearly all global deforestation occurs in 
tropical and subtropical countries.
70% to 80% is driven by the conversion of primary forest to agriculture

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Our agriculture programs foster food systems that give back to the earth as much as the earth gives to us. Our beneficiaries learn and implement closed-circuit techniques that support abundant, natural local food production. Your donation helps us to commit to training more women and girls in responsible land management and sustainable farming methods.

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Bring your customers a unique experience with some of our most popular products like coffee, cacao or honey. Be sure to ask us about what new ingredients we’re experimenting with so you can also bewilder their taste buds and honour new forgotten flavours.

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