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Rural Beekeeper and Zanzibar Grandmother Celebrated for Success
Beekeeper, Grandmother, Trailblazer. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’re reflecting on the incredible women we strive to provide with tools for success. Uliza Sheha Haji, mother of 6 and grandmother of 2, wasn’t given...
Women's Day 2021: This Rural Grandmother Solar Electrified 100 Guatemalan Village Homes
Marta Venavente’s Story on International Women’s Day Marta installs a solar panel for a village home This Women’s Day, and for the rest of 2021, Barefoot College International is celebrating the rural women who become...
Solar Mamas of Doña Luz: Norma
Cachimbo, Mexico (…) I find José and his motorboat without a problem. During the hour it takes to cross the inland sea, the sound of the motor drowns out our voices. José fixes his gaze...