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Rural Education
Our Education Programs are Dropping Dropout Rates
Barefoot College Keeps Education Accessible   The Barefoot College Education team has been implementing its new programs to help encourage continued learning despite school closures due to pandemic-based restrictions. The Alternative COVID Strategy has adopted...
Updates from our Sikkim Training Centre, Part 3
Our Sikkim Trainee group, January 2020   Why We Focus on Women These past few tumultuous months have truly revealed the innate perseverance of women. Our selected trainees are recruited due to their strength of...
Updates from our Sikkim Training Centre, Part 2
Staying Busy and Healthy During lockdown due to COVID-19, our SWRC Sikkim centre was determined to keep trainees feeling safe, healthy and engaged in a number of projects that took place on campus. The extra...
Updates from our Sikkim Training Centre, Part 1
Plenty of Action at the Sikkim Training Centre   Our recent report from SWRC Saddam, Sikkim training campus shared a slew of recent news with the Barefoot College family. Classes began in early 2020, and...
Pacific Islands
An Update on the Pacific Islands
Updates On the Ground   The breadth of the COVID-19 pandemic has impugned the most vulnerable with unique challenges, affecting regions of the world differently. Connecting with our global scope of ground partners and beneficiaries,...