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Barefoot College Creates Portable Solar Sales Containers
Universal Marketing as we Expand As our Solar Enterprise continues to grow, we’re focusing more on branding and visibility to strengthen our team and outreach. We have created a Centralized Marketing System so that a...
Education, Empowerment and a Coffee Business
     Systemic structures claim to offer society stability and safety, but they can also limit people to a status quo that stunts our ability to follow personal dreams and aspirations. It may even result...
Frontier Markets
Across generations: Impakter connects around the common cause of Planet Earth
It takes a planet to fix one. That’s pretty much why the global magazine, Impakter, exists. Recognizing the ambitious goals of 2015 UN SDG, Impakter provides meaningful content about the comprehensive global effort to make...
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For Women, By Women
For Women, By Women Two leaders create entrepreneurship solutions for sustainable energy Sometimes you meet someone who you realise could finish your sentences, whose spark and energy rivals your own. That is how Barefoot’s CEO...
Enterprise solutions for global poverty
You can’t address a complex problem with a linear solution. You need a network. Through our growing partnerships with corporations and foundations committed to global change for the betterment of all, we’ve expanded our impact...



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