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The Barefoot College was built from the ground up. From its humble beginnings in Tilonia to today, the College calls on a network of supporters near and far to help carry our work forward. There are many ways to go Barefoot. Whether you work with us shoulder-to-shoulder on campus or you spread awareness from wherever you are in the world—you’re with us.

Work with us and turn your inspiration into action

Embark on an International Fellowship in West Africa, East Africa,the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, or Central America.

We welcome intrepid leaders who are committed to learning from and sharing their experiences with the entire Barefoot College Family.

We work in partnership with more than 80 Non-Governmental Organizations and Community Based Organizations internationally. We’re also seeking for passionate, dedicated volunteers. We give preference to volunteers from within India who do not have formal education.

Work With Us

We’re truly grateful for your interest in joining our team. We currently offer several opportunities to either volunteer (unpaid positions that provide you with an unforgettable experience), work (as indicated), or complete a fellowship.


Tilonia Campus Coordinator *Volunteer

We’re looking for someone capable of mediating between different roles and departments, and organise cultural and team building events for the local and international workforce.

A minimum  6 months Multifunctional volunteers Hindi and English speaking able to be flexible in their deliverables and adapt to different needs, from helping with visits, to preparing presentations and graphic material for each section, as well as the capacity to think ahead in the arising needs of the organization.


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Regenerative Agriculture Volunteer

From August: Green thumbs are welcome to support our team in the green space of our nursery. Save seeds, compost, and help our local staff farm regeneratively. We’re looking for willingness to absorb nature’s wisdom, nurture and enrich the biology of our Thar desert, and convey local knowledge from the people who have stewarded these lands for centuries. A background in Environmental, Biology and/or Agricultural sciences are welcome. An experiential background in Permaculture Design or Soil Biology is preferred. Must be a good communicator able to teach, organize and walk the extra mile to help our department in projecting and fundraising. Minimum bilingual (Hindi/ English) and a 6 month commitment is mandatory.

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Research and Development Coordinator

We are Looking for a research executive for the role of Research and Development Coordinator section in Tilonia, Rajasthan.

You will help design, develop and deploy certain solar-based rural livelihood solutions in the state of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Manipur under SEED, The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Qualification: Electrical or electronics engineering
Languages required: English, Hindi
Industry: Solar
Minimum experience: One year of experience in a DIY environment such as Fab lab, maker space, etc. Must have an excellent record in tech-based extracurricular activities during college days

Desirable skills:

  • Planning and Defining Scope for the project
  • Activity & Resource Planning
  • Developing Schedules
  • Time & Cost Estimation
  • Documentation
  • Monitoring and Reporting Progress
  • Working with Vendors
  • Scalability, Interoperability of the project
  • Knowledge in handling mechanical and electrical tools

Employment type: Full-time

Experience: 1 – 2 years
Function: Solar, R&D, Rural livelihood


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India (& then anywhere)

Medical Section *Volunteers

This job can start as soon as viable applicants are ready. We’re looking 2 nurses or health practitioners that can stay with us for a minimum of 3 months, preferably female to support the Barefoot College health centre in daily activities and in certain field missions in the Silora Block of Rajasthan. We are also in need of a volunteer with a knowledge of National health policies that can help in grant/project writing as well as support the community outreach programs on initiatives such as women’s health, antenatal and post natal care and nutrition, reproductive health. This position can eventually be done remotely.


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Barefoot Enriche Facilitator *Volunteer (Women Only)

The Enriche section brings forth the aspirations of women, and focuses on knowledge and awareness building via holistic workshops in several areas. The Enriche curriculum modules include Financial Inclusion, Micro-Enterprise Skills, Women Health, Aspiration and Agency, Sustainable Living Practices, Livelihood Skills, Rights & Responsibilities and Digital Skills. The Enriche Facilitator Volunteer will be responsible to co-design, deliver and implement the Enriche curriculum in partnership working in collaboration with other team members.

It is essential to speak at least English & Hindi.


Enriche curriculum implementation:
Create curriculum content for non-formally educated Indian and international rural women on Enriche areas with Enriche Program Director; Identify each group’s priorities and needs, and select relevant topics and activities; Plan and coordinate semester’s’ activities in collaboration with the Solar section; Gather resources for workshop implementation;
Conduct baseline surveys; Facilitate / present workshops in English, Hindi and in ‘no common language’ scenarios; Participate in design of digital teaching aids and material with audio-visual content; Liaison with various sections within Barefoot College; Develop partnerships with other NGOs and CBOs.


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Solar Mama Caretaker *Volunteer (Women Only)

We’re looking for Multilingual female volunteers to work with us for at least 1 semester (6 months). This position is available for March to September and September to March.

The Solar Mama Caretakers live in the solar dormitory with 120 international rural women from multiple countries and is there to:

  • Respond to their logistical needs (be it medical, classroom or campus), be it and support them in the classroom.
  • Organize leisure and recreation activities.
  • Collect baseline data, interview and personal stories to help create an archive of our Barefoot Solar Engineers

If you speak multiple languages, and believe you are a fit apply below,

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Community Outreach Coordinator

Our work in India thrives because of a unique alliance with longstanding, local NGOs across the subcontinent.

The purpose of this position is to establish and nurture working relationships with organizations and communities whose constituents may benefit. The Partnership Coordinator will maintain and monitor partnerships with our network of local non-profit organizations, serving beneficiary communities. The role will be focused on building and sustaining relationships that result in increased utilization of our services by rural women as agents for sustainable change. This person will also train and support ground coordinators and project implementers at the partners’ end to disseminate information and monitor projects within various Barefoot Solutions in targeted communities.

• 3-5 years’ work experience with Indian or International social sector organizations working in areas of self-sufficiency and sustainability
• Strong experience and knowledge of community mobilization, grassroots organizing and working with grassroots partners, coalitions and individuals

• Fluent spoken and written Hindi and English language skills essential. Given our pan-India presence, competencies in additional languages would be preferred.


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Greater Jaipur Area

*Volunteer Analyst for B.Barefoot Enterprises

We’re in need of 1 – 2 volunteers to spend a minimum of 3 months with our enterprise team. The enterprise team comprises of 3 main activities that build agency in rural women, help them cultivate using sustainable practices and promote social equity and positive change in their communities. There is an opportunity for hire after the volunteer opportunity. There are two focuses that the team is looking for to compliment their team.

1. Monitoring & Evaluation Analyst
Working primarily on Survey Analysis with our field work; environmental data, farmers, beekeepers and other beneficiaries to discover. Should have a good hold on advanced MS Excel/Google Data Studio or any other analytic visualization skills.
2. Financial Analyst
Working primarily on financial data such as costing, ROIs, SROIs, breakeven and more. Should be well versed in finance terms, building models and consulting.
If you believe you can help, application is below:

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Community Radio & Newspaper *Volunteer

We’re looking for a hindi and english speaker, someone interested in activism with a background in media, journalism, communication or social science. Responsibilities include: Developing programs the stream daily on our community radio Develop the monthly newsletter which is distributed to our college staff and village about the month-end operations. Carry out interviews and support the community outreach program of the department at large.


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