A Village Run Head Quarters

Our  Solar Operations are proudly run from a small village in Rajasthan, India. Working with partners in nearly one hundred different countries, our campus provides assistance and materials for our graduates and community based partners.

Barefoot in Central America

Barefoot College International established its first Latin American training centre on April 30th, 2022 in the highlands of El Quiché, Guatemala. The founding of this new centre will provide a platform for Solar Mamas to pass on knowledge and mobilize indigenous communities from the region of Mesoamerica.

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The countries

Burkina Faso

The centre will train women from Burkina Faso and the surrounding countries including Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo and Ghana


The centre will train women from Senegal and the surrounding region, the Gambia, Guinea and Mauritania.


In collaboration with WWF Madagascar, we opened a regional training centre July 2nd 2019. 27 women have been trained as Solar Engineers so far! For more information contact madagascar@barefootcollege.org or

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Opened in 2014
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Coming Soon

New centers in Latin America and the Pacific Islands are in development. Guatemala’s regional centre is set to open this year.

Global goals for global impact

We’re charting a course for expansion to ALL of the Least Developed Countries. It starts with Barefoot Regional Training Centres across Africa:

560 new barefoot solar engineers in Africa

Training and quality of life improvements for solar engineers and Master Trainers in health, safety, education and security

24,000 households and 120,000 beneficiaries

Families contribute to a sustainable environment, with 5.0 Gigawatts of clean energy generated 
to reduce carbon emissions from kerosene consumption

2 million lives reached

The impact of direct training and services ripples out, giving communities access to clean water and safe, reliable energy