We seek to ensure that every woman and girl has the skills and knowledge she needs to be a catalyst for change to the benefit of herself, her family and her entire community. We achieve this by making vocational and educational opportunities accessible to women and girls from the most marginalized communities around the world. By training women to become Solar Engineers, even if they are illiterate or have no formal education, rural resilience is forged by each village at a time.

Targeting Sustainability Goals

Our Impact

2,200 Rural Women

trained as solar engineers

93 Countries

with Barefoot Solar Programs

18,047 Households

with solar home lighting systems installed

Demystifying The Technology

Colour Coding

Driving technological expertise goes beyond the traditional methods of knowledge building. By recognizing the fine details of electrical circuitry through the use of colours, rural women learn to assemble their own equipment and install Solar Home Lighting systems in their villages.

Sign Language

A mosaic of rich cultures from around the world presents our Solar Master Trainers with as many as 20 different languages per Solar Mama cohort! By using alternative communicative skills including sign language, everyone can express their insights in a unified manner.

Practical Experience

Once women have returned home fully trained, their ability to operate independently comes from the hands-on practise they experience during training. Solar Mamas participate in workshops that help them to explore skill-building exercises that ensure that they’ll be confident each step of the way.


Solar Mamas come to us from around the world, taking training at regional centres to gain the confidence and knowledge that helps them to grow roots of change in their communities. Their backgrounds are vast, the landscapes bounding and local challenges unique. Their positive effects they bring home with them are just the beginning of their potential to create lasting change for women, girls and communities.

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Montly Donation

Every donation counts, and we’re grateful for whatever you feel you can afford. A one-off donation is a fantastic start to help the 930 million rural people without access to electricity, but issues that women face are long-term problems, and they need long-term solutions. Regular donations mean we can commit to working with women and girls for as long as it takes.

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solar mamas

DOÑA LUZ: Stories of Latin American Solar Mamas

The Barefoot College sent French 
and Canadian photographer and filmmaker Varial* to document the lives of 15 indigenous women from 5 countries in Latin America throughout the electrification process: preparing to leave for this incredible journey, 
a 6-month training period in India, returning to their communities and electrifying more than 100 homes.

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