Education, Enterprise and Empowerment, by and for Rural Women

Gender inequality is not only a pressing moral and social issue but also a critical economic challenge. As a McKinsey study highlights, fully closing gender gaps would add $28 trillion to annual GDP by 2025. The Enriche program supports women’s aspiration to transform themselves and their communities. It provides them with the opportunity to embark on an empowerment journey; a journey to gain the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential as agents of sustainable change and to support their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Eight Areas of Impact

Aspirations & Agency
Digital Skills
Rights & Responsibilities
Women's Wellness
Sustainable Living
Financial Literacy
Entrepreneurship Skills
Micro-Enterprise Skills



Awarenessand Aspirations

Participatorty Workshops Tailored to Women Needs

An awareness, confidence and skills building journey offering participants an opportunity to (un)learn, reflect and envision their empowerment journey across 7 key areas of knowledge, in a group setting


Sustainable Livelihoods

Livelihood Skills,Assets & Handholding

Livelihood skills training relevant to local resources and market opportunities. Transfer of assets as “in kind” seed capital. Social Enterprises providing support throughout the entire Value Chain.


Communities and Local Partners

Community Outreachand Mobilization

Encouragement to participantsto share their skills andknowledge within theircommunities Supportto transform community aspirations into practicalactions and solutions


Resilient Change Agents

Mentoring, Financial & Market Services

Provide participants with access to financial services, local mentoring opportunities and market linkages needed for them to become self-reliant and resilient entrepreneurs and agents of change.


Enriche is tailored to the aspirations of women and their communities and takes into consideration local needs, opportunities and challenges.

The curriculum is built in collaboration with partner organizations with expertise in developing successful training, solutions, business models.

Trained to share, women transfer their knowledge to the other members of their communities and help their communities improve quality of life.

Teaching aids and tools are designed for a rural, non-literate audience, using audio, visual and digital contentin local languages and adapted to local realities.


  • Enhance

    90% of participants gained essential knowledge and skills to better manage their financial resources and to improve their health.

    I liked what I learned about banking. I will open a bank account and tell other women that they need to get the deposit slip signed and stamped by the bank official every time.

    –  Pista Bai, Rajasthan, India

    3 Social Enterprises launched to support rural women livelihoods throughout the value chain: B.Barefoot Honey, Coffee and Amritchuran Nutritional Supplement.

    The income from the Honey sold will help us improve our lives, pay for our children’s education and our healthcare.

    –  Mwanatuko Othman Ali, Mtende village, Zanzibar

    Participants said they are committed to share the skills and knowledge they gained with an average of 150 people in their communities.

    I will share with my community that we must not differentiate between our girls and boys. We should send our girl child to school and take care of her health as well. I will spread the knowledge I gained from Enriche in my village.

    –  Suraj Kanwar, Rajasthan
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