Four decades. Three continents. 70+ countries. Millions of lives improved.

What's the secret to sustainability?

With such a lengthy track record that transcends regions, languages and cultures, we’ve learned a thing or two about sustainable impact. And yet, each Barefoot collaboration is unique. As it turns out, this is the true secret to sustainability and impact.

We start with a critical need informed by the annually updated list of Least Developed Countries. We connect donors directly to outcomes that meet their objectives. Corporations looking to meet CSR mandates or goals will find a seamless transition to impact. By partnering with us, your organization can help shape future growth that aligns with your goals. Projects are then selected by strategic location where the Barefoot Approach can set the best example and show that the impossible is possible.

Collectively and strategically we advance Barefoot Solutions for sustainability in places where they are needed most. Barefoot’s success is tied to the quality of partnerships. We value and nurture each of these vital connections to have a complete structure for sustainable progress in the world.


We are determined to bring together cross-sector partners with a shared goal of making access to sustainable energy a reality for all. Corporations, Multilateral Organizations and Private Foundations come together with social enterprise to reach the most marginalized peoples in the Least Developed Countries.

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As the benefits and impact of Corporate Social Responsibility programs grow, corporations are looking for proven models that scale. Specific entry points for funding that yields far-reaching impact is the coin of the realm. Effective CSR will help inspire and retain employees, improve brand association and enhance customer loyalty.

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Funding collaborations

Impact investing and modern philanthropy are unlocking new potential for change and exciting new collaborative efforts. Foundations, individuals and families have joined the Barefoot effort in meaningful and lasting partnerships that help reach villages all over the world. Passionate, committed funding partners can participate in creating opportunities for the rural poor that have impact for generations to come.

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Partners on the ground

Barefoot College is well known through the NGO landscape both through its longevity and its broad association with more than 80 NGOs and community based organisations. Through clear communications, aligned missions and respectful partnerships, our partners on the ground provide vital cooperation and help in connecting and valuing the cultures and regions we work with. Collaborations with local leaders connect us to important in-country relationships that make resources go farther and impact grow stronger.

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Partner testimonials

Barefoot is a very important addition to empowering women in rural Liberia. Levi Zongai, Barefoot Training Centre in Liberia Watch the interview
Barefoot College, the world’s only college for the rural poor, is one of our long-time grantees. They have made incredible strides and offer viable solutions for critical global issues like poverty, the environment and the empowerment of women. Julie Lepinard, Co-Founder Erol Foundation

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