Rural Resilience and Resurgence

  • First Contact

    Usually a community leader or local NGO reaches out to request our help in issues faced by a rural community.

  • Assessment and Sensitization

    Ready to empathize and understand their challenges, we visit the community and begin to draw a viability study.

  • Community Mobilization

    We gather the members of the hamlet or village to share the Barefoot College International mission and identify volunteers willing to partake in a learning journey of anywhere between 1 to 20 weeks.

  • Co-Create a tailored Program

    When the needs and people are identified we begin to collaborate on what skillsets and tools are best for the context of the community. We tailor to the aspirations of women and their communities.

  • implementation of curriculum

    Workshops are conducted by facilitators with a common background. Patience, and confidence building.

  • Illumination

    With new experiences, knowledge and confidence the community is better suited to create long-lasting improvements and break the chains of intergenerational poverty. Ambitious trainees of the program join Barefoot College International to help us continue our mission in creating more Solar Mamas and Facilitators.

our impact

Women and girls who gain the opportunity to receive skills and efficacy-building tend to be healthier, are better able to compete in the labor market, have fewer children, earn higher incomes, are more prepared, independent, resilient and able to make a better world for themselves and those around them. Providing entrepreneurial opportunities for women contributes to faster economic growth and stronger national competitiveness.

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Our Mission & Vision

We seek to ensure that every woman and girl has the skills and knowledge she needs to be a catalyst for change, to help women build rural resilience, each village at a time.

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Our Staff

We’re a group of dedicated individuals collectively fostering an informidable team of social justice innovation and action.

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Where We Work

Our vocational training centres span 4 continents and our work has reached 93 countries. We are still growing today- to ensure that more rural women and girls are trained each year.

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When we partner with others whose visions for the future echo ours, incredible things are achieved. We are grateful for each of our partnerships and aspire for many more.

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