Universal Marketing as we Expand

As our Solar Enterprise continues to grow, we’re focusing more on branding and visibility to strengthen our team and outreach. We have created a Centralized Marketing System so that a uniform brand strategy exists across the region, helping us to address marketing challenges and ensure that we are nationally recognized and reputable.

Women Solar Engineers provide rural families with clean, sustainable light


We’ve begun to implement an exciting and unique idea– to convert Shipping Containers into our REW Portable Sales Containers. Our first prototype is now situated on our campus in Tilonia, Rajasthan so that during the training process, our Solar Entrepreneurs (Solar Sahelis) will also understand the mechanisms and business efficacies of after-sales service shops in real-time.

The Importance of After-Sales Services

Often, solar companies, especially in developing countries, grant after-sales services too little importance. This can be fatal for business, as substantial deficits in after-sales services are one of the key reasons for solar products’ negative image among large portions of the population in rural regions. Poor after-sales management is, notably, not compensated for by other positive factors, such as high quality and standards. Quality service provided in after-sales is pivotal in a product’s success or failure and in customer satisfaction.

The interior scope of our new portable sales containers


When solar technology fulfills customers’ expectations on a daily basis, they’re satisfied with their investment. An emotional bond to the supplier gradually develops in this way. The customer bond then evolves into customer loyalty. Solar organizations that place value in good after-sales management experience this loyalty emphatically. Their customers try to maintain a relationship with them even when a different supplier makes a seemingly less expensive offer. They know that they have a trustworthy partnership with their supplier; someone who is capable of carrying out repairs and providing replacement parts.

At Barefoot College, we realized this at a very early stage and have given equal importance to this component of our Bindi Solar Products and have already established REWs at our Partners’ areas where we can address such after-sales service issues lead directly by our trained Women Solar Engineers.

A clean source of light helps children study safely during evenings


Container Branding and Strategy

The REW Portable Sales Containers have 3 sections, which include a display section where customers can inspect the quality of products in person, view the latest product designs and test their brightness before purchasing. This includes a lamp/torch testing in the Dark Room, attached to the display section. The third section is the REW, led by our trained Women Solar Engineers. It’s here that customers can have their products repaired or acquire spare parts as required.

The internal and external branding utilizes familiar imagery to ensure the trust of the consumers by posting local pictures of the community. This encourages them to associate with their regional shop and enter without any hesitation. Regional languages will be used in their respective areas.

On-site REWs will help Women Entrepreneurs sell products more successfully