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Barefoot College Zanzibar's Response to COVID-19
Written by Brenda Geofrey, Barefoot Enriche Coordinator, Zanzibar   Our Enriche curriculum encompasses workshops such as handwashing practices and health modules. Solar trainees are being taught how many diseases can be prevented by washing their...
An Interview with Mama Patima for Mother's Day
Mothers as Leaders When we train illiterate and semi-illiterate women through our unique Barefoot training programmes, our main objective is not to simply send them home with vital skills and knowledge for self-sufficiency. We trust...
How we Kindle Solar Expansion to the Farthest Villages
Entrusting Women with Leadership Roles The philosophy that underpins Barefoot College Zanzibar is that by educating rural women, they will, in turn, become the chief change-makers in their communities. One of the main programs at...
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Solar Mamas of Africa to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his visit to Tanzania
Barefoot College International and The Solar Mamas of Africa to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi on visit to Tanzania Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, July 9, 2016 Barefoot College International confirmed today that 32 Solar Mamas...



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