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Latin America
Peru Solar Mamas Return Safely to their Communities
Scenes from Puno, where 2 of the trainees’ homes are   An Unexpected Journey. A Sudden Test of Courage. Four indigenous women from Peru traveled to India at the end of February 2020 to be...
How Our Education Programs Continue to Function Despite The Effects of Covid-19
With school closures, face-to-face learning has been interrupted across India   Our Latest Projects Funded These times of upheaval, while schooling has completely halted, can be seen as an opportunity to restructure education in a...
Our COVID Relief Response has Grown
Serving the Most Vulnerable with Multiple Systems We have just added two new unique programs to our COVId-19 Relief Response initiative to boost our impact and broaden our reach. We established an IVR Helpline to...
Barefoot College Zanzibar's Response to COVID-19
Written by Brenda Geofrey, Barefoot Enriche Coordinator, Zanzibar   Our Enriche curriculum encompasses workshops such as handwashing practices and health modules. Solar trainees are being taught how many diseases can be prevented by washing their...
Our Global Operations for COVID-19
Our Relief Strategy Package As an established global team of dedicated front-line workers, we have pivoted our resources and efforts towards supporting our long-standing and growing network of grassroots entities on the ground and the beneficiaries...