The World Energy Council Recognizes Our Global Impact

We are honoured to announce that the “Humanizing Energy Award” was given to Barefoot College International. This award, granted by the World Energy Council, was for “leading the involvement of the people and communities in making faster, fairer and more far-reaching energy transitions happen”.

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His Excellency Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber, distinguished professor Vaclav Smil, Rodrigo Paris, BCI CEO and Council Founder Daniel Nicol Dunlop were among those honoured at the 26th World Energy Congress.

The 26th Congress announced this year’s goal of ‘Redesigning Energy for People and Planet,’. This echoes BCI’s mission to put people and communities at the heart of making equitable transitions happen, especially in the remotest villages.

Read the Press Release distributed by the Council:


solar mama energy award women empower

Guatemalan Solar Mama Accepts Award for BCI

Juana de Léon, a Guatemalan Solar Mama and master trainer represented rural Indigenous women as our speaker and receiver of the award. She gave an impactful speech and was invited as a speaker for a future workshop regarding gender and transition to renewables during the Congress. Her involvement in our Latin American programs has been an invaluable resource that continues to help our initiatives thrive.

During the multi-day Council, different institutions gave praise and support for our work in the Global South for its success in providing inclusive, equitable electricity solutions to remote, marginalized communities. Plans are underway to explore and negotiate new opportunities for the global organization together.

This recognition and the level of impact we have provided internationally are thanks to our hard-working, dedicated team worldwide. It is also largely thanks to our generous donors, supporters and partnerships. In the true spirit of the World Energy Council, working collectively toward global solutions continues to be integral to our growth as an organization.

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Future Collective Goals and Aspirations

We are grateful for the acknowledgement of our projects, centres, missions and objectives as effective approaches towards global sustainability and prosperity.

Rodrigo Paris attended the Closing Ceremony, inviting the global community to work with BCI, partnering with us and helping us to improve our work and impact globally. This year, BCI has already achieved great things and continues to grow and thrive. Thank you to everyone who has supported our programs and believed in our dream to offer equitable solutions that help both people and the planet.

Would you like to see our programs continue to thrive? You can make a donation that goes toward the training of marginalized women and village solar electrification in any amount.

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