International Women’s Month Recap

If you follow any of our social media accounts, you may have noticed our posts around International Women’s Month. The month of March is special to us because all of our initiatives are deeply hinged on a women-centric focus. We are dedicated to uplifting women through education and livelihood training not only because ALL people must be granted fair access to educational opportunities for community well-being- it’s also ecologically and economically beneficial.

When women are given equal and equitable opportunities, global GDP rises (McKinsey & Company predictions report up to $13 trillion by 2030 if we act now), and rural health standards, quality of life and Climate Justice all increase.

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This March, we contacted our Solar Mama alumni and international staff, asking them if they wanted to show their support for this year’s UNDP theme- Inspire Inclusion. We received an overwhelming amount of photos (more than 50!) from staff and Mamas, and we’ve been sharing them across our media platforms.

People worldwide were encouraged to show their support for universal gender equity and social justice for women by photographing themselves and giving a heart sign with their hands. Our participation in Inspiring Inclusion symbolizes our pledge to continue our mission to offer rural and indigenous women the resources they need to succeed.

Barefoot College International Solutions for Marginalized Women

Our solar, livelihood and tech-based programs are designed specially to ensure women have greater entrepreneurial opportunities at their fingertips. Leveraging women’s potential through educational and vocational opportunities is integral to our vision to continue championing women’s empowerment.

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Film Featuring the Solar Mamas Wins Best Documentary

We are pleased to announce that ARTE and Federation Studio’s “The Light of Women” (La Lumiere des Femmes) won the Best Documentary Award at the Cinequest Film Festival in California. It showcases the story of the transformative journey of the Solar Mamas of Senegal.

The inspiring 90-minute documentary transports viewers from the community-led selection process to the inaugural days of training on campus to conclude with the magic moment when the women switch on solar lights for the first time in their remote villages- as empowered agents of change.

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The film was directed by ARTE-based Elise Darblay & Antoine Depeyre and produced by Isabelle Dagnac – we congratulate them and their team on this outstanding and moving work of art.

We sincerely thank everyone who supports our programs, and for all of your words of kindness on Women’s Day and the film’s award. If you want to donate to our initiatives and learn more about the livelihood programs that we operate, please click the button below.

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