We are excited to share the incredible events and accomplishments that have unfolded at Barefoot College Zanzibar. Your support and engagement have been instrumental in making these projects a success. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to:

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Empowering Grow Your Social Venture (GYSV) Graduates in Partnership with HerStart:

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Hassan, who skillfully facilitated training sessions for our
HerStart’s GYSV participants. Supporting Barefoot College Zanzibar projects has contributed to empowering the next generation of social change-makers!

Warm Welcomes to Visitors:

Throughout the quarter, BCZ had the pleasure of hosting visitors from near and far. Their presence
and engagement has enriched our community and fostered meaningful connections and global projects propagated through collaboration.

women projects barefoot college zanzibar africa

Menstrual Health Workshop at Bambi Secondary School:

BCZ took a proactive step towards promoting menstrual health education. We successfully led
workshop projects at Bambi Secondary School, empowering young minds with knowledge and breaking down taboos surrounding menstrual hygiene.

New Gender Strategy Projects with YCI’s HerStart:

We are thrilled to share that BCZ has embarked on a new journey towards inclusivity and equality. The
initiation of our gender strategy process, with the support of YCI’s HerStart, marks a significant
milestone in our commitment to fostering positive change.

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Professional Development for STEM Graduates – ZESTA Projects:

As part of the ZESTA project, BCZ conducted professional development training for STEM
graduates. This project was aimed at equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to
thrive in the technology field.

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Female Financial Literacy and Financial Awareness Training:

In partnership with Youth Challenge International (YCI), BCZ delivered the first of 3 eight (8) day
workshops for rural women from three regions across Unguja Island. These projects cover topics such as: rights and responsibilities, self-awareness in gender roles, how to effectively bookkeep, record keep and prepare a budget to empower women to participate in financial activities.

Looking Ahead at Future Projects:

As we move into our next quarter, BCZ remains dedicated to our mission in empowering communities
and fostering sustainable change. We invite you to stay connected, follow our upcoming events, and
join us in making a positive impact.

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Get Involved:

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Warm regards,
Team BCZ and Team BCI