Our mission is to disseminate the Barefoot Approach throughout rural communities around the world, accomplishing what many less comprehensive approaches have failed to achieve:

Sustainable knowledge and skills for communities

Adapting a lifestyle in harmony with our environment

Overall community transformation and empowerment

Team Members

The Livelihoods team is dedicated to building food systems that create dignity for farmers while ensuring health and nourishment for the planet.
How you tell a story is everything. We’re curating revolutionary information and developing mediums that will reach and inspire audiences from the most marginalized communities to the most affluent.
The conventional concept of schooling has no place in marginalized communities. We enable rural minds through hands-on, learning by doing methods.
The Barefoot ENRICHE team is invested in rural women. To be strong, safe, self-reliant, healthy, heard, respected, resilient, courageous and equal. No exceptions.
Demystifying and decentralizing solar technology. Our team is working to build sustainable energy at the village level.
Regional Coordinators focus on ensuring trainees have everything needed to succeed on their new journey. They liaise with local NGOs and have a deep understanding of the realities which exist in communities of their regions.

Swapna Sarita Mohanty

Manager - Communication | India
Solar Enterprise

Aditya Bikram Bhar

Project Officer | India
Regional Coordinators

Brenda Geofrey

Campus Director and Regional Coordinator - Zanzibar

Bárbara Peréz

Coordinator for Enriche & Agricultural Programming - Guatemala
Regional Coordinators

Rodrigo Paris

CEO & Regional Coordinator for Latinoamérica

Anu Jain

Joint Director of Enriche

Board Members

Barefoot College International

Harsh Tiwari

Board Member
Barefoot College International

Dr. Atul Prasad

Board Member
Barefoot College International

Atalanti Moquette

Board Member
Barefoot College International

Naoko Fedler-Kuzu

Board Member
Barefoot College International

Meagan Fallone

Board Member
Barefoot College International

Mr Shobhit Tiwari

Board Member
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