Our mission is to disseminate the Barefoot Approach throughout rural communities around the world, accomplishing what many less comprehensive approaches have failed to achieve:

Sustainable knowledge and skills for communities

Adapting a lifestyle in harmony with our environment

Overall community transformation and empowerment

Team Members

Our Community is the greatest strength we have. With their decades of service they inspire everyone at the campus. When they share stories of great men and women who laid the foundation for our college; we become more aligned and determined to pursue our missions.
How you tell a story is everything. We’re curating revolutionary information and developing mediums that will reach and inspire audiences from the most marginalized communities to the most affluent.
The conventional concept of schooling has no place in marginalized communities. We enable rural minds through hands-on, learning by doing methods.
The Barefoot ENRICHE team is invested in rural women. To be strong, safe, self-reliant, healthy, heard, respected, resilient, courageous and equal. No exceptions.
Demystifying and decentralizing solar technology. Our team is working to build sustainable energy at the village level.
Responding to water-scarce areas for over 45 years; our team is implementing new and old ways to provide sanitation solutions and make water accessible, clean and safe to drink.
Our executives envision the future, ensuring Barefoot College’s programs remain relevant in solving the world’s biggest environmental and social concerns.

Meagan Fallone

CEO, Barefoot College International
Email: meagan@barefootcollege.org

Shuvajit Payne

Head of Education Dept.
Email: shuvajit@barefootcollege.org

Sue Stevenson

Director of Strategic Partnerships and International Development
Email: sue.stevenson@barefootcollege.org

Anu Jain

Co-Director of Enriche

Harsh Tiwari

Chief of Staff & IT Coordinator
Email: harsh@barefootcollege.org

Gloria Jonathan

Senior Project Manager

Work With Us

We’re truly grateful for your interest in joining our team. Take a look at our current opportunities to volunteer, work, or complete a fellowship.

Find your fit? Apply now!

West Africa Regional Coordinator

Open Now: With a drive to transform rural communities via Women Empowerment and Sustainable Technology, the Regional Coordinator will play an important role to ensure our program’s impact is delivered efficiently in all the communities of West Africa where Barefoot College and its local partners work.

With an excellent sense of organization, she/ he will manage operations and logistics in collaboration with the International team, overseeing the selection and travels of Barefoot Women Solar Engineers and the transportation of Solar Equipment from India to the villages. She/He will also maintain and share regular financial reports and field updates as per needed for donor reports and external communication.

Good communicator and highly adaptable, she/he will develop long term and trust-based relationships with a variety of stakeholders, from grassroots NGOs/CBOs working in the most remote rural villages to National Governments, Donors and Multilateral Agencies. Her/his understanding of the local culture, languages and community dynamics will be beneficial to support the ground partners in strengthening community based governance. Her/His entrepreneurial spirit and dependable attitude with allow him to strive in a constantly changing and challenging environment, transforming obstacles into opportunity to find innovative solutions. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Location: Burkina Faso and Senegal with frequent travel to West African Countries and possibly India

Compensation: Salary depending on the candidate’s profile and experience.

Australia & Pacific Islands Volunteer

Open Now: We are looking for committed and inspired individuals to support our regional coordinator in the Pacific Region: a minimum 3 months commitment, flexibility and possibility to travel are a must. A background in social, geographical sciences or development studies will be preferred, but most of all your alignment with the Barefoot College vision and mission for the empowerment of rural communities. Please note we are offering an unpaid volunteer position that will provide the successful candidate with a life changing experience as well as great references for the future.

Regenerative Agriculture Volunteer

From August: Green thumbs are welcome to support our team in the green space of our nursery. Save seeds, compost, and help our local staff farm regeneratively.
We’re looking for willingness to absorb nature’s wisdom, nurture and enrich the biology of our Thar desert, and convey local knowledge from the people who have stewarded these lands for centuries.
A background in Environmental, Biology and/or Agricultural sciences are welcome. An experiential background in Permaculture Design or Soil Biology is preferred. Must be a good communicator able to teach, organize and walk the extra mile to help our department in projecting and fundraising. Minimum bilingual (Hindi/ English) and a 6 month commitment is mandatory.

Rural Education Volunteer


Open Now: Five enthusiastic short term volunteers to be based at Singla Residential School to assist in delivering and creating curriculum for May, June & July. They should ideally teach the following,

  • 1 English teacher
  • 2 STEM ( with art and humanities, and/or science environment teaching background)
  • 1 Leadership and Communication, advocacy and human rights
  • 1 Graphic designer/ It to support the design of the digital curricula

July onward: our campus based Government school for disadvantaged children is in need of long term volunteers with teaching backgrounds to be based in Tilonia. Preferably they should speak Hindi and English.

Health Volunteer

  • Open Now: two nurses or health practitioners that can stay with us for a minimum of 3 months. Preferably female, one hindi speaking and one international (at least 3-6 months) to support the Barefoot College health centre in its daily activities and in the field missions.
  • Open Now: One volunteers keen on working on health initiatives to support the community outreach programs such as women’s reproductive health care, antenatal and postnatal care, nutrition.

Barefoot Enriche Volunteer

Open August 2018:

  • Enriche Illustrator: Understand our health curriculum and work with the curriculum designer and facilitator to create simple yet effective illustrations targeting towards a semi/illiterate population. The book would have very few words, hence a large amount of work would be designing illustrations which are self explanatory.
  • Workshop Facilitation Support International Trainees: Besides English, should be fluent in one other language such as Spanish or French. A background in social science and cultural mediation preferred. Strong communication and inter-personal skills required. Females only. Minimum Commitment 4 months.
  • Workshop Facilitation Support Indian Trainees: Besides Hindi and English, should be
    fluent in one other language such as Oriya, Bengali, Telugu. A background in social science and cultural mediation preferred. Strong communication and inter-personal skills required. Females only. Minimum Commitment 4 months.
  • Curriculum Content Creator: Skilled in photography, videography and basic graphics design and video editing to help us create simple DIY manuals (hard copy and videos) on varied subjects such as Making a Smokeless Stove; Composting at Home; Making a Cloth Sanitary Napkin. Volunteer would be responsible to bring his/her photography and videography equipment. Minimum Commitment 1 month.
  • Storyteller: Shadow team members to capture and write short stories/articles on the Enriche projects. Interact with the beneficiaries to convey the program impact. Females only. Minimum Commitment 1 month.
  • Song Composer/Musician: Understand the Enriche curriculum. Meet with beneficiaries and rural women to write a couple of songs to convey and reinforce the curriculum learnings, set them to music and record them. Minimum Commitment 1 month.
  • Workshop Photographer: Skilled in photography. Capture the Enriche workshop
    highlights. Volunteer would be responsible to bring her own photography equipment. Females only. Minimum Commitment 1 month.

Solar Enterprise Volunteer

  • Open Now: A Hindi speaking volunteer with Marketing and communication background + knowledge in social enterprise business models. He/she will be responsible of supporting the launching phase of Women Prosper, the social enterprise section of the Solar Initiative. Minimum 3 month commitment.

Community Radio Volunteer

Open Now: Looking for an advocacy and/or human/worker rights activist. A background in media, journalism, communication or social science is ideal. A Hindi speaker that can help in developing the daily programming, as well as carrying out interviews and support the community outreach program of the department at large.

Water & Sanitation

Open Now: Resident volunteer with an experiential background in either waste management and/or water conservation. Able to manage and organize data, document field work and writing skills for developing content, presentations, proposals and curriculum for schools. Minimum commitment: 3 months. Must be willing to get hands dirty – but also be capable of cleaning them while optimizing water usage.

Board Members

Our Board Members possess unique top level industry experience. Their role is to consult our grassroots projects from their respective fields.
Our Board Members possess unique top level industry experience. Their role is to consult our grassroots projects from their respective fields.

Bunker (Sanjit) Roy

Founder and Director

Abhimanyu Singh

Former IAS Officer and UNESCO Diplomat
Email: abhsingh.education@gmail.com

Dr. S. Srinivasan


Yogendra Durlabji


Ravi Narayan

Secretary General of ICYO India

Gurjit Singh

Former Ambassador