Our mission is to disseminate the Barefoot Approach throughout rural communities around the world, accomplishing what many less comprehensive approaches have failed to achieve:

Sustainable knowledge and skills for communities

Adapting a lifestyle in harmony with our environment

Overall community transformation and empowerment

Our Community

Anaïs Amazit

Project Manager Africa Region

Email: anais@barefootcollege.org
LinkedIn profile: http://bit.ly/linkedin-anaisamazit

Monalisa Padhee, Ph.D

Program Head Women Wellness Initiative and Enriche Health

Email: monalisa.padhee@gmail.com
Work: +91 90013 29519
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/linkedin-monalisapadhee
Twitter: https://twitter.com/monabfc10
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/monalisapadhee/

Anu Jain

Head of Enriche, co-curriculum development

Email: anu@barefootcollege.org

Lucie Argeliès

Head of Enriche, co-curriculum development

Enriche Curriculum was created to support women’s aspiration in transforming themselves and their communities beyond solar electrification.
Email: Lucie.argelies@barefootcollege.org

Lawrence Miglialo

Digital Communications Coordinator

Phone: +1 514 501-5956 / +91 8448 915910
email: lawrence@barefootcollege.org

Ravindra Nath

Director of SAMPADA

Email: ravindranath783@gmail.com
Phone: +91 9435089275 / +91 9929133993

Hanuman Ji

Seed Bank and Permaculture

संरक्षण और स्थानीय राजस्थानी बीज, पौधों और पेड़ों का सम्मान।

Nandlal Chawdhary

Campus Visitation

Sue Stevenson

Director of Strategic Partnerships and International Development

Connecting the private sector and the not-for-profit world.
Email: sue.stevenson@barefootcollege.org

Lauren Remedios

Project Director, Friends of Barefoot College USA

Lauren also directs the Global Monitoring & Evaluation toolkits.

Rodrigo Paris

Head of Operations in Latinoamérica

Phone: 573004651642
Email: rpr.barefoot@gmail.com

Meagan Fallone

CEO, Barefoot College International

+91 9829022892
+41 788322387


Wood Section Coordinator

Is a multi tasker, wood crafter, mobiliser, teacher, and now coordinator of a Field Centre.
Phone: +91 9571558087

Ratan Devi

Solar Trainer Emeritus

Ratan has become a convener of community meetings and also an editor with the community radio.

Bhanwar Tilonia


Co-ordinated the making of the Barefoot Campus, Barefoot Construction Engineer, good with vehicles and comes from the farming community in Tilonia.

Ramlal Ji


Durga Singh

Day School

Alternative teacher, initially in his own Village Chir and now in Shiksha Niketen, the day school on campus.

Bhanwar Singh


Streamlined the management of the canteen and coordinates the administration of the campus and its staff.


Water Mapping

Studied upto the 6th, she learnt to work the computer, started with accounts, learnt water mapping, and now handles the water portal called Neer Jaal.


Medical Section Coordinator

Barefoot health worker and manager. Competent and interested in different systems of medicine, facilitates special interventions and camps.
Phone: +91 9828549077

Tejaram Ji

Rural Youth Education Coordinators

Phone: +91 96 366 10733


Rural Youth Education Coordinator

Phone: +91 84 327 29635



Multi skilled community worker with an aptitude for identifying community problems. Outspoken and fearless.



Community mobilizer, lyricist, accountant, communicator, puppet maker. If you are a folk musician or artist, find me.

Bunker Roy (also known as Sanjit Roy)

Founder, Director

Self-effacing founder, colleague, fundraiser and crisis manager for Barefooters. From December 1972 till now.


Solar Cooker

A fine singer with a repertoire of Meera (woman poet and saint of Rajasthan) songs. She trained in the solar section and is now a Solar Cooker Engineering, and coordinates the work of the Barefoot Solar Cooker Engineers.


Master Blacksmith

Across the board mastery of all fields of construction and land management.

Bata Bhoorji

Field Photographer & Videographer

Phone: +91 98 29 256847
Produces wide range of Barefoot College media. A member since she was two years old.


Solar Cooker

Has been working since 1992 as Solar Cooker Engineer.


Coordinator Tikawara Field Center

Starting her work as a Balsevika, she is now a Field Centre Coordinator.
Phone: +91 9001487278


Communications (Audio visual)

Coordinates the audio visual section, just schooled up to class 2. He is one of the most competent record keepers and managers in Barefoot College.


Rain Water Harvesting

Associated with Barefoot College from 1975 as a literacy volunteer, joined in 1977 and worked with accounting. He is a mobiliser of communities, proficient in rainwater harvesting, trained as a lawyer, and helps monitor the six-non negotiable principles of the Barefoot College.
Phone: +91 9660941551

Laxman Singh

Solar Engineer

Trained as a geologist and skilled as a water diviner, he is a local legend. He is sought after for identifying water points. He co-ordinates all technological programs of the Barefoot College.

Bhagwat Nandan (Guru Ji)

Solar Program Coordinator

Phone: +91 94 14 766993
Email: barefootsolar@gmail.com

Work With us

We’re truly grateful for your interest in joining our team. Take a look at our current opportunities to volunteer, work, or complete a fellowship.

Write us for more information

Graphic Designer Volunteers

In keeping with the Barefoot Philosophy of decentralized capacity and skill sets, we are looking for a group of Graphic designers willing to do ad hoc projects from wherever they are based across a range of projects and languages. You will be part of a pool and “jobs” will be posted on a central portal, for which you can submit designs for selection. Please submit several samples of previous work and details of where you can be reached.

Design Team Volunteers

Tilonia has a 35 year history of being a development resource for handicrafts as linked to cultural language and livelihood security for women. We would like to expand this capacity to include the development of some international products from the areas where our Women Barefoot Solar Engineers originate. We have a goal to develop a new line of luxury products across multiple countries with a high design sensibility.

We are seeking product designers and developers willing to give a period of time to being part of a unique team, building not only a new line of income bearing handicrafts but also a design department structure within the college. A 3-6 month commitment if selected is mandatory. While it is not mandatory for all team members to be based in Tilonia, one extended trip in Tilonia to work at the college is required.

International Communications Volunteer

Manage the International communications across all capacities; Ground Partners, Regional Program Fellows, External Communications, Press and Social media participation. Excellent written and spoken English. Hindi extremely helpful . Minimum commitment 6 months. Tilonia Rajasthan Based. Living accommodation provided.