Our mission is to disseminate the Barefoot Approach throughout rural communities around the world, accomplishing what many less comprehensive approaches have failed to achieve:

Sustainable knowledge and skills for communities

Adapting a lifestyle in harmony with our environment

Overall community transformation and empowerment

Team Members

Our Community is the greatest strength we have. With their decades of service they inspire everyone at the campus. When they share stories of great men and women who laid the foundation for our college; we become more aligned and determined to pursue our missions.
How you tell a story is everything. We’re curating revolutionary information and developing mediums that will reach and inspire audiences from the most marginalized communities to the most affluent.
The conventional concept of schooling has no place in marginalized communities. We enable rural minds through hands-on, learning by doing methods.
The Barefoot ENRICHE team is invested in rural women. To be strong, safe, self-reliant, healthy, heard, respected, resilient, courageous and equal. No exceptions.
Demystifying and decentralizing solar technology. Our team is working to build sustainable energy at the village level.
Regional Coordinators focus on ensuring trainees have everything needed to succeed on their new journey. They liaise with local NGOs and have a deep understanding of the realities which exist in communities of their regions.
Responding to water-scarce areas for over 45 years; our team is implementing new and old ways to provide sanitation solutions and make water accessible, clean and safe to drink.
Our executives envision the future, ensuring Barefoot College’s programs remain relevant in solving the world’s biggest environmental and social concerns.
Solar Enterprise


Research and Development

Lawrence Miglialo

Head of Global Communication
Barefoot International

Ojasvita Malhotra

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships and Development
Solar Enterprise

Bhagwat Nandan (Guru Ji)

Board Member
+91 94 14 766993

Aarti Devi

Tilonia Community Radio

Dr. Monalisa Padhee

Women Wellness Initiative and Enriche Health Program Head

Board Members

Our Board Members possess unique top level industry experience. Their role is to consult our grassroots projects from their respective fields. Learn More About Our Entities
Social Work & Research Centre

Ravi Narayan

Secretary General of ICYO India
Social Work & Research Centre

Gurjit Singh

Former Ambassador
Social Work & Research Centre

Sunny Sebastine

Former Vice Chancellor
Social Work & Research Centre

Sumit Bose

Former Member of Finance Ministry
Social Work & Research Centre

Pushpito K Ghosh

Distinguished Professor, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai