45 More Solar Systems for Rural Nepal

Last month, 3 rural Nepalese Solar Mamas assembled and installed an additional 45 solar ☀️ light systems in the Humla region of Nepal. Families in their community were living in total darkness with no access to electricity otherwise. Now with clean, renewable energy, children can study during the evenings and families will be safer at night 🎉. They’ll also breathe cleaner air indoors. The toxic smoke from kerosene lamps is reduced by at least 99%; families will no longer rely on kerosene burning.

solar mama Nepal women empower Two Nepal Solar Mamas assemble solar lanterns and solar systems

In 2017, Barefoot College International trained 3 rural women from Nepal in solar engineering. They enrolled in our solar and Enriche programs. The women returned home following graduation, and in 2021 they installed 220 solar home lighting systems in their remote villages. The additional installations amount to a total of 265 systems, a grand achievement at more than 85 systems installed per woman engineer.

Climate Justice for Rural Nepal

The solar initiative enables communities to achieve Climate Justice through more sustainable, resilience-driven methods of obtaining electricity. This means that communities are better prepared and protected from the effects of climate change and global warming. Natural disasters do a great deal of damage to rural communities of the Global South. They are especially vulnerable.

Infrastructure often gets damaged and grid electricity systems are completely ruined. Communities may have no power for months or even years. Solar electricity remains intact after storms. Systems when brought indoors during hurricanes and earthquakes withstand them, for example.

Solar Mama Nepal women empower Solar Mama Laiku can independently assemble and install solar home lighting systems

Everyone Thrives When Women Thrive

This women-centric, climate-focused program additionally aims to tap into the largely under-utilized female members of society. Women are often still excluded from the workforce. Giving women more equitable opportunities means that they can generate their own income and therefore achieve greater autonomy. It additionally inspires younger generations of women to become leaders as well.

Women are inherently courageous, capable and eager to support their villages. When educated, women tend to use their skills to help others prosper too. They rarely migrate to urban areas, unlike their male counterparts. Their potential to uplift their communities is what inspires BCI to support them.

solar mama nepal women empower energy green Solar Mama Laiku Lama smiles as she switches on the solar light…

This project in Nepal is a collaboration with our partners at Women Light the World. Effective partnerships like these help to ensure more successful initiatives like this around the world happen. We are proud of our ongoing success in Nepal together.

Women Light The World (WLTW), a 501 (c) (3), is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. Founded in 2017, the organization is dedicated to the economic empowerment of women in remote and impoverished regions of Nepal. WLTW, in partnership with Barefoot College International (BCI), demystifies and decentralizes technology, putting new tools in the hands of under-utilized rural communities. We catalyze the fostering of resiliency and sustainability.

nepal solar mama women empower light They say it takes a village… everyone helps to install the roof panel.

Please consider supporting this initiative. You can make a donation today to our project in Nepal. Our next goal is to open a new training centre in Nepal. It will facilitate the training of 20 women yearly. Any amount makes a difference and brings us closer to implementing these transformative projects. Thank you! Your support is invaluable to us.