Learning Journey

At Barefoot College, the learner is the teacher and the teacher is the learner. To keep this spirit alive, Barefoot College invites small groups of interested donors on a Learning Journey.

Our desire is to exchange skills with you and to share the Barefoot College learning experience. Learning Journeys are designed for philanthropists who are interested in learning more about the Barefoot College community and our village-based approach to solving problems.

On this Learning Journey, you can:

  • Work shoulder to shoulder with the College’s teachers and graduates, whether they are village educators, solar engineers or other Barefoot Professionals.
  • Explore the solutions that Barefoot College offers to improve the quality of life in rural communities, from the solar-powered desalination plant on the shore of Sambhar Salt Lake to the Night Schools in villages throughout India.
  • Meet with local experts, community organization leaders and philanthropic advisors so that you can see how much your contributions affect the lives of people in these communities.
  • Attend workshops on social impact through a community-based, culturally-sensitive approach to global issues. Session topics this year will include: the transformative power of water and electricity in rural village life, grassroots development and bottom up approaches, understanding and measuring women’s empowerment, and more!

Watch the video of Amplifier Strategies India Learning Journey (April 2013):

Interested in signing up for a Learning Journey?
A Learning Journey is an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded philanthropists and experience revolutionary breakthroughs in research. We encourage first-time donations and sustained partnerships. Ideal candidates for Learning Journeys are:

  • Individual philanthropists who seek a greater role as a funder of an initiative
  • Family foundations committed to exploring the program themes
  • Representatives from larger organizations looking to enhance and understand impact
  • Educators or researchers with a deep knowledge of the subject area and available funding

Journeys will take place in Spring and Fall 2014. Please contact Amplifier Strategies to learn more: contact@amplifierstrategies.com.

Amplifier Strategies is the social impact agency that coordinates our Learning Journeys. Each Learning Journey is grounded with in-depth research and a proven philanthropic giving plan. Journeys will focus on leading organizations in India that create breakthroughs for the rural poor. Barefoot College is the host organization for the 2014 Amplifier Strategies India Learning Journey focused on Women’s Empowerment and Education.

Participation in a Learning Journey is also the first step toward becoming part of a select group of Barefoot Guardians. Our Guardians support revolutionary research on alternative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

You may also request a day-long or overnight visit to the Barefoot College campus. Click here for details, and be sure to fill out our Visit Form.