Rural innovation, from the ground up

Through thousands of small donations and *monthly subscriptions we hope to accumulate base funding for a truly authentic, grassroots partnership with all of you who know us best. Be part of the legacy of Barefoot College for generations to come.


  • To ensure the opportunities for the next generation of Barefoot graduates around the world.
  • To fully invest in our  bold launch of regional centers wherever poverty exists
  • To fund innovation that keeps our projects current and effective.

(*Turning your contribution into a recurring monthly gift enrols you into our Community Supporter club)

We don’t look for ‘donors.’ We look for partners interested to invest in human innovation that will endure.


Partners for lasting solutions

The Barefoot College takes a dynamic approach to partnership. We enjoy a strong and supportive relationship with the government of India, more than 80 NGOs and philanthropic partners around the world. Every partner is vital to our lasting results and global impact. Our global impact today is felt across many countries in which The Barefoot College has played a significant bridging and capacity building role. This has inspired governments in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and Latin America in transformative and positive behaviour towards rural communities and a re-evaluation of the natural resources women represent to the developing world.