Join the Barefoot Community as a fundraiser!

Join the Barefoot Community as a fundraiser!  Then you will be the one to fund a grandmother to be a solar engineer, provide the equipment to electrify her village, supply lanterns, fund a night school or build a water harvesting facility.

To get started, sign up as a Fundraiser on our Razoo page ( Then invite, share your passion and our story and lets transform a village together.

Here are some ideas once you’re on Razoo:

  • Share the news about Barefoot College with your Facebook Friends
  • Partner you school class with one of our night schools
  • Host a Barefoot event and fundraise to electrify a village with solar or install water harvesting facility.
  • Host a screening of Solar Mamas. This can be done at home or in a local community center.  Ask friends to join in funding a solar workshop for a trained Solar Mama to go to the next level of entrepreneurship!