What’s the last thing you’ll do this year? Will it make a difference for 2018? For others?

Or more importantly, will it change the world?

It can. You can #FlipTheSwitch as the last thing you do this year.

This moment in history belongs to women. To the human capital we so often overlook or underestimate who can lead the way to a better life, economic growth, stronger communities and a better world.

We’ve already brought light to more than a million people. In the coming years, with your help, we will:

  • create 10,000 jobs for female entrepreneurs in the clean energy sector
  • serve 500,000 households with access to clean, affordable light
  • produce the single largest deployment of renewable energy hardware to the poor in India’s history
  • launch a market-driven, gender revolution touching 1,000,000 of the poorest women in India.

Help us now #FlipTheSwitch. It’s SO easy and You are essential to its success.

  1. Please DONATE: any amount between $5 – $5000.

For example: $35 can fund a solar kit for a budding female entrepreneur. Just $200 can electrify a home. $500 supplies a solar entrepreneurs demo kit to start her business. For $50,000 our Solar Mamas can electrify an entire village bringing light to 600-1000 people.

2. Please SHARE: Your strong endorsement via social media and email to your networks. We need this tremendous boost to reach new audiences with the call to empower women. Like, repost, tweet, and email the content we will be posting throughout this campaign. Those little clicks of approval are like rays of light flowing out to new people.


Happy New Year. What’s your resolution? Resolve with @BarefootCollege to make the world a better place. Act on behalf of women everywhere. Support #barefootwomenrising and leave YOUR footprint for a better, more equal, world.