The power of purposeful business catches on

Being a great business is not just about making money any more. Consumers around the world have demanded more. Stand for something. Make more than money. Make a difference.

“This is something business leaders should be contemplating” says Hogan Lovells’ Global Chair, Nicholas Cheffings. “There is an interesting movement developing around what is purposeful business.”

A powerful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnership elevates the corporate brand, builds customer loyalty and improves the work culture. For Indian corporations, the financial and legal benefits bring added benefits.

In 2017, Barefoot College was awarded the prestigious Guidestar Gold Rating, certifying our organization as one of the most trustworthy for businesses to align with. During 2018, we hope to expand these partnerships and #FlipTheSwitch for communities across the global south.

Hogan Lovells’ commitment to citizenship reaches back decades. The match between this Fortune 500 lawfirm and we at Barefoot College was a great one from the start. Both Cheffings and our CEO, Meagan Fallone say they have benefitted from an ongoing three-year partnership dedicated to empowering women and girls through our Solar Mama and ENRICHE training programs.  

“CSR is en vogue – but it is much deeper for us,” says Nicholas Cheffings. “Our partnership with Barefoot College is the natural development of what we’re trying to do in moving the needle – to be a successful law firm where people like working, but working in partnership to strengthen the platform Barefoot is building.”



Fallone says the partnership brings energy and impact beyond what an organization can do on its own. “It’s about doing the right thing in the most quality way we can, and that comes about through collaborations committed to the larger goal.”

Barefoot’s mission to bring light to 20,000 more families by the year 2020 is only possible through CSR partners like Hogan Lovells, Apple, Goldman Sachs and ENEL among others.

How can you help?

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This New Year #FlipTheSwitch, resolve to make a difference at home and at work.