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We Are one of India’s Top 50 COVID-19 Last-Mile Responders
Barefoot College International is thrilled to announce that we’ve been recognized as one of India’s top 50 Covid-19 last-mile responders. Our India-based BCI team has contributed immense efforts to ensure greater health and safety for...
Rural Communities in India: How We Worked to Save Lives
While we have been witnesses to how ‘it’ has ravaged mega-cities and cities across the globe, our worst nightmare of ‘it’ reaching the rural communities of India has come breaking our doors. Read through the...
Heroes in our Current World: Waste Collectors and Waste Managers
Hard Work, Difficult Circumstances Until yesterday, it was the celebrities predominantly from sports and movie industries who were portrayed as heroes of our world. Today, everybody is finally realizing and rightfully hailing the frontline workers...