As a part of the Enriche Micro Enterprise Development workshop, the International and Indian solar trainees in Tilonia, Rajasthan showcased their handmade products and marketed these to the local customers.

It took 45 days to organize the Bazaar, which had involved both international and Indian mamas, stemming from of the implemetation of what they learned during class, like business model canvas, price strategy, added value. Women had also been taught on the vaule of processing goods.

However, the core of the Bazaar is not only the practicing of entrepreneurial skills, but teamwork as well. The Mamas had to overcome group conflicts, collectively decide the kind of items to be produced, make an investment through resource pooling, and the equally redistribute profits. Additionally, they had to adapt the manifacturing process of their own traditional products with the resources existing in Rajasthan. The Bazaar was held on September 11th, with the presence of ten shops and local visitors.


Different products were on sale representing the geographical and cultural diveristy of the group: around the very same shadowed courtyard, Indian bhelpuri and tiaras, Malgasy baskets, Turkish  headbands. Pacific Islands’ shop had the widest range of products, with dyed and hand painted scarves, crochetedpillow covers,. Last but not least, spices from Myanmar and wooden jewlery from Ivory Coast and Mali. Thanks to this learning by doing experience, our Mamas acquired baragining abilities and confidence.

Furthermore, they made profits. One of the most successful shop was jaljeera pani, held by two Indian women that made profits amounting 7-8 times their initial investment.

This exercise in confidence building, basic home based business planning, and teamwork not only added tremendous color and joy to the day, but also brought about immense peer-to-peer learning, shyness shedding, and saleswoman skills to the forefront.
Anu Jain, Enriche Coordinator.