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Project Lead, Wellness Program | JOBS
In the community Wellness vertical, the work is primarily around bringing access to health information and services to communities through a hybrid model of “in person” and “online” model to achieve both impact and scale....
Global Training Centre Manager
The role will require a close working relationship with the Regional Coordinators and the Barefoot Training Centers (Africa, Latin America and the Pacific Islands). You will be responsible for managing and running a central office...
Facilitator Roles For Barefoot's Enriche Department | JOBS
The Training Facilitator will be responsible for delivering the Enriche curriculum in collaboration with other team members and external stakeholders. The Individual will be responsible for monitoring progress, documenting workflow and best practices. The Individual...
7 Job Opportunities for New Content Development Department | JOBS
We’re building LEAP. A plug and play platform of microservices that enables a variety of organizations to directly reach the audiences they serve via hi-touch and hi-tech knowledge transfer in the agri sector. As a...
HR Manager | JOBS
Seeking a committed and zealous Human Resources Manager to coordinate recruitment, employee engagement and organisational development initiatives at Barefoot College International. Reporting directly to the Head of HR at Barefoot College, the HR Manager is...