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Heroes in our Current World: Waste Collectors and Waste Managers
Hard Work, Difficult Circumstances Until yesterday, it was the celebrities predominantly from sports and movie industries who were portrayed as heroes of our world. Today, everybody is finally realizing and rightfully hailing the frontline workers...
Period Poverty and Our Solution
Menstruation is a monthly occurrence for 1.8 billion people of reproductive age worldwide, yet it remains an unavoidable fact that millions of them are denied access to practical, sanitary and dignified solutions for their periods. ...
Mobile App Relieves Malaria Endemic Zones
In the city of Vishakhpatnam, one can find beautiful coastlines, wildlife sanctuaries and a serene natural harbour. Known as a very clean city, it embraces rich layers of historical significance and has been labeled “the...
Achuki Devi- The Life Saving Midwife
By Monalisa Padhee As the searing midday sun beats down on the scorched Rajasthani desert, local women are starting to arrive at Dhani Purohitan village – 30km from bustling Ajmer – for their routine ante-natal...
Amritchuran – from idea to execution
Ideas. Nobody has a patent on them. What matters at the end of the day is execution and one can always leave behind his/her imprints through their work. This line of thought helped Bidyapathi Ray,...
SBI FellowshipHealth
Health Team Employs Traditional Recipe To Treat Anemia
Working in 4 Rajasthani villages, resident SBI Fellow, Dr. Monalisa Padhee noticed a high prevalence of undernourishment, in particular anemia (lack of iron). While GOI has dedicated programs to alleviate intergenerational cycles of poor health,...



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