Our Proud Beekeeper Mamas

Last week, our Zanzibar Solar Training Centre congratulated its current group of Solar Mamas on successfully completing their 5-month training programs. This is the third batch of Mamas that have graduated since the Zanzibar’s Training Centre inauguration in 2014. The event, organized by Pendo Daudi, was featured on local television and included in attendance trainers, stakeholders and past Solar Mamas.

An ocean of seated Solar Mamas

A Bright Future

This graduation ceremony included 12 Mamas from Zanzibar and 2 from Malawi, who will now each return home, empowered by their transformative training programs, to provide their rural communities with great benefits. In a from-the-ground-up manner, the Mamas are now equipped with the skills to electrify their villages, achieve greater economic independence and offer their children better education standards than they themselves were provided with. Barefoot College Zanzibar’s training curriculums honour traditional knowledge, incorporating indigenous wisdom and local livelihood skills into all its programs.

Talking Beekeeping with Minister Castico

Attendees consisted of members of the Zanzibar Government, including Minister Castico from the Ministry of Labour accompanied by women, youth, elders and several of her office members, Shehas (local representatives) of various villages where our solar projects exist, and partners and other supportive NGOs. Solar Mamas from previous programs also attended to give support, along with the 13 Solar Master Trainers who were trained in India.

Abou and Fatma with Villages’ Shehas

Praises and Thank-yous

Key speakers shared motivational words, including Pendo, on behalf of Barefoot College, and Minister Castico, on behalf of the Zanzibar government. The Malawi Mamas gave a thank you speech, and the Zanzibar Mamas presented customized songs they’d prepared for the momentous event.

Cheerful Staff Prepare for the Event

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