Barefoot College International is thrilled to announce that we’ve been recognized as one of India’s top 50 Covid-19 last-mile responders. Our India-based BCI team has contributed immense efforts to ensure greater health and safety for rural Indian communities during the devastating second wave of the pandemic.

covid response relief 50 second wave Rural families were provided with masks, vaccination information and health and safety tips


Our Efforts in India to Protect Rural Communities

With our robust network of ground partners, we have already been operating in 30 vulnerable districts. Utilizing these preexisting rural connections, we extended our expertise and support during the pandemic in these areas through key interventions that would strengthen the existing systems and structures (Government Bodies, NGOs, Private Bodies) catering to the pandemic.

To this effect, BCI has been focusing their efforts on 6 initiatives in areas where we have a high presence through our regional staff members and ground partners. We have also been better navigating areas with a previously low presence to boost efforts, protection of villagers and propagate beneficial initiatives.

Strategic locations were identified in 65 villages such as grocery stores and banks where large influxes of residents people are likely to come. Banners were printed and placed in these locations and awareness was created among people through word of mouth. Vaccination awareness videos created in-house by our team were sent across through digital media platforms including WhatsApp groups. Vaccination support drives were also conducted in Local government hospitals by local Covid champions.

covid response second wave 50 Our team of Covid-19 champions have been working tirelessly to keep people safe


Our Covid Champions

Together, our 40 Covid champions from their respective villages rose to the enormous task of supporting on-the-ground activities for awareness, lifting the spirits of volunteerism during these times. Our efforts were recognized by 3 newspapers: Rajasthan Patrika, Daini k Navjyoti, Dainik Bhaskar where 17 articles in total were published on the relief work extended by Barefoot College International.