With vaccines being the only respite in sight, read ahead to learn how Barefoot College International went for the vaccine push.

Bringing the national healthcare system to its knees, Covid-19 ravaged urban centres. In the villages, it hollowed out the already crippling healthcare system. It wasn’t unusual to see scores of people getting treatment under the trees outside the health centres or crematoriums filled with wood to light up the ever-increasing pyres.

“We know of no one who has remained untouched from Covid in India”


Raghuvir talking about Covid vaccine Raghuvir, a Covid Champion from Tilonia, talking to MNREGA workers about Covid vaccine and government-provided Life Insurance Schemes.


On the other hand, what was unusual (considering the times) was hearing stories from our Covid Champions (a group of 55 staff). They took it upon themselves to work with the local government officials to help control the situation in 110 villages across ten districts in India.

What’s new this time?

When at first Covid-19 had begun in 2020, the approach utilised was to provide dry ration, quickly consuming covid awareness videos and IVR calls spreading awareness on basic WASH habits and covid awareness.

In contrast, we created a dedicated content team and a ground task force in response to the second Covid-19 wave. These teams made sure all the awareness, mobilisation and individual support happened smoothly between the villagers, auxiliary nurses and government officials.


An infographic showing work by Barefoot Collge International for Covid relief work during the second wave.

Content Team (Vaccine Awareness):

To debunk common myths/misunderstandings about Covid-19/Covid-19 vaccine, the content team created contextualised digital content in over 11 languages. Effectively, this content reached out to more than 400,000 people.

These bite-sized videos are uploaded on Youtube and shared across various platforms.

A database was maintained, which comprised details like availability of oxygen, ICU and Ventilator beds from 117 hospitals across Rajasthan. As a result, it provided vital information to the affected people.

Ground Task Force (Vaccine execution):

The ground task force served over 25,000 direct beneficiaries, providing 21,000 diagnostic and preventive supplies. They took part in many vaccination drives, consequently aiding almost 50,000 people for vaccinations.


We strategically displayed 228 such banners across 110 villages at key village infrastructures.


21987 prevention and diagnostic tools distributed.


Mis-match of phone numbers on CoWin (Govt. of Indias Vaccination Portal) is one of the frequently faced issues for many. Covid Champions assisted villagers and other government officers in managing this.


Doctors got assigned in the nearby cities as the demand for medical staff increased. It increased the gap between patients and doctors in villages. Barefoot College International provided free telemedicine to decrease the number of patients at Primary Health Centres (PHC) of the villages. Which effectively resulted in narrowing the gap between 200 families and doctors.

We won this prestigious award at the World Economic Forum. It shows the collective effort of the entire team.


Women in Gehlota village being taken to a vaccine site. For villages with low turnout, reaching vaccination sites was a problem.


Covid Champion’s Voices


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