On April 9th 2017, a Tedx event, titled “Borders AborTED”, was held for the first time by the students of the Mahindra United World College (UWCMC). It saw the presence of eight alumni, among which there was Prometheu Tyagi, Marketing Manager of Barefoot College’s start-up social enterprise B.Barefoot.

Incommunicability, due to variations of culture and language are among the greatest barriers preventing humans to empathize with each other. Those obstacles aren’t unbridgeable, quite the opposite. Through the life stories of Manoj, Ramniwas and the Solar Mamas, Prom (as we call him on campus) will focus on something he likes to refer to as the cross learning process.

Learn how with patience and innovative pairing, we can outrun this non-physical barrier and reach personal and communal development.