Temple Flower, a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand clothier for women, has chosen Barefoot College as its Corporate Social Responsibility partner. A portion of every garment sold goes to funding another Barefoot Solar Engineer.

The connection is natural as Temple Flower’s brand seeks to connect with women drawing from the founders rich South Asian heritage. The company’s shared values of empowering women and celebrating our culture is the bridge that has built the bond with us.

Temple Flower wrote about this bond stating, “More than 1.2 billion have access to light and electricity. Education and empowerment of women plays a major role in the development of women across boundaries. Temple Flower works with Barefoot College in India to ensure that the sale of every garment helps bring light and vibrancy to historically marginalized communities.

Temple Flower’s customers start a ripple effect of empowerment with every purchase. Funds sent to Barefoot College are used to train women to become solar engineers in a six-month residency program. When these solar engineers return to their villages they use solar electrification to improve the lives of those in the community, especially children who can now be educated at night.