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Period Poverty and Our Solution
Menstruation is a monthly occurrence for 1.8 billion people of reproductive age worldwide, yet it remains an unavoidable fact that millions of them are denied access to practical, sanitary and dignified solutions for their periods. ...
Female Genital Mutilation & Breaking Traditions
By Manu Singh, Barefoot College ENRICHE Master Trainer Ending my workshop today left me with a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. We were discussing the female reproductive system, a workshop where our rural women...
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Health Team Employs Traditional Recipe To Treat Anemia
Working in 4 Rajasthani villages, resident SBI Fellow, Dr. Monalisa Padhee noticed a high prevalence of undernourishment, in particular anemia (lack of iron). While GOI has dedicated programs to alleviate intergenerational cycles of poor health,...