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Rural Education
Shikshaniketan Celebrates First Science Fair
Undoubtedly, a significant fraction of children’s schooling involves the learning, and hopefully experimentation, of Science. The Sciences are connected to all aspects of life, even for youth who are not planning to pursue them directly...
Rural Education
Classroom Stories for Rebel Girls
By Mallika Das, Barefoot College Education Volunteer, Tilonia Rajasthan First a confession: I had never written a story in my life until a week ago. Story-telling is not my thing – academic articles? Yes, of course!...
Rural Education
Barefoot College, in the eyes of a TTIS student reporter
TTIS Tiger Reporter, S. Rajesh, visits Barefoot College to find out for himself how we have improved and brightened the lives os villagers. TTIS has a strong community of readers from 350 schools in India and 600 Tiger Reporters. In...



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