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Rural Education
One in an ARMY Raises $15000 for Barefoot College
An ARMY That Does Good Deeds   K-Pop band BTS is considered the biggest band in the world– their newest release “Dynamite” has recently enjoyed a second week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot...
Rural Education
How Barefoot's Sanjana Yadav helps Break Gender Norms
A Dream of Equality Imagine a school where children have the freedom to wear clothes of any gender, any colour, and any style they feel comfortable in. A school where boys learn the art of...
Surprise Field trip to see Rajasthani Royals with schoolchildren from Shikshaniketan
There are over 750 million people on Earth who are illiterate. Short-term, this amounts to restricted opportunities in the workplace. Long-term, it results in cyclical poverty, spanning generations as the probability of their children learning...
Rural Education
How Barefoot College Sees Off Graduating Students from a Rural Bridge School
Written by Shuvajit Payne, Head of Barefoot’s Education Dept. & Sanjana Yadav, SBI Youth For India Fellow. “Didi, mai kal jaa raha hoon” (Sister, I will leave tomorrow), “Bhaiya, hum phir nahi milenge” (Brother, we...
Rural Education
Digitizing the Night Schools of Gujarat
       Education for underprivileged children is imperative in reversing issues of healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment, environmental degradation or human rights issues. In disadvantaged groups of Gujarat (including marginalized tribal and caste populations) only half of children...