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Rural Education
One in an ARMY Raises $15000 for Barefoot College
An ARMY That Does Good Deeds   K-Pop band BTS is considered the biggest band in the world– their newest release “Dynamite” has recently enjoyed a second week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot...
IndiaRural Education
Our Education Programs are Dropping Dropout Rates
Barefoot College Keeps Education Accessible   The Barefoot College Education team has been implementing its new programs to help encourage continued learning despite school closures due to pandemic-based restrictions. The Alternative COVID Strategy has adopted...
Rural Education
Emancipating Our Children From Intergenerational Poverty
Children from Rural India can’t attend schools in the day as they are contributing their energies to livelihood generation activities, or are taking care of their siblings. The state of the future is in the...
Rural Education
Digitizing the Night Schools of Gujarat
       Education for underprivileged children is imperative in reversing issues of healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment, environmental degradation or human rights issues. In disadvantaged groups of Gujarat (including marginalized tribal and caste populations) only half of children...



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