Barefoot College International was recently selected to be featured in a Portuguese sustainability-focused documentary series. “Planeta A” follows trailblazing global innovations that are changing the world through their tireless efforts to create systems change. Até ao Fim do Mundo contacted us after discovering our Barefoot Solar and Women Prosper Initiatives, inspired by the story of our Solar Mamas from around the world.

documentary solar mama india portuguese The film crew and BCI team take a group photo with the tea plantation workers of West Bengal, India


Documentary Team Visits West Bengal, India

Até ao Fim do Mundo requested to meet and interview the Solar Mama graduates of West Bengal, India. The documentary crew prepared for their visit once arrangements were made with our local ground partners. They travelled from Portugal to remote rural Indian communities to film. The documentary’s goal is to capture the essence of our program and the communities supported through the process.

The series host, João Reis, takes viewers on a journey of social innovation where challenges of the day are met with great solutions. He and the 6-person crew visited Siliguri in West Bengal, a city nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. The area is famous for its tea gardens. They are featured in parts of the documentary with the tea plantation workers who harvest the tea leaves.

documentary portuguese india solar mama Master Trainers Guruji and Satyanaran give the visitors a tour of a REW


Filming a Solar Electrified Village

Their 2-day filming duration included visits to the village and homes of Solar Mamas. From our team, Guriji, Barefoot College International founder and solar master trainer, master trainer Satyanaran and Devashish Taknet, from fundraising and strategic partnerships, liaised with the documentary team. They helped to explain the full scope of BCI programs.

The Mamas were in the process of solar electrifying their village. The result is hundreds of villagers having access to clean, renewable sources of light. It provides autonomy, safety and security for people who are overlooked by governments due to their remoteness. The full electrification and installation process were documented.

Solar Mamas explained their experience while training and how things were going after their graduation. They expressed their anticipation and optimism for the future as skilled women with vocational training experience.

documentary portuguese solar mama india The documentary team films a Solar Mama at home as she assembles a Solar Lantern


The women and the solar electrification process left a lasting impression on the documentary team and host. We’re honoured to be a part of this series as a leader in sustainable innovations. The full episode was released on national Portuguese television earlier last week to an audience of over 1 million people.

Watch the Planeta A Documentary


Use the link below to watch the final episode of Planeta A:

documentary Portuguese solar mama India Planeta A host João Reis poses with Devashish and Guruji during his visit to India


You can support our women’s solar engineering initiative as featured on Planeta A here.

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