Since our inception more than 45 years ago, Barefoot College has been a model of sustainability, both as a result of our work on the ground and our internal culture. Our founding principles focus on equality and collective decision making and these remain guiding lights to this day. 


Over the last five years, under the direction of Meagan Fallone, our sustainable credentials have continued to grow exponentially and it is for this reason that she has been invited to be a key Discussion Leader during a meaningful session at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, this January. 

The session will equip business leaders with the tools to create a sustainable business model and scale social and sustainable innovation, a goal that aligns perfectly with the Barefoot College ethos. 


In her role as our Director, Meagan has fostered an eco-system for entrepreneurial action within the organisation, and this positions her perfectly to educate and inspire other business leaders to create sustainable change within their own businesses.

Barefoot-college-sustainability-meagan-falloneAt Barefoot College, we have created a sustainable structure by which social and environmental action lead to the creation of for-profit social enterprises, run by our beneficiaries, the profits of which can be reinvested by them into their own communities. This model creates long term, real-world, positive economic and environmental outcomes for some of the world’s poorest people and allows for sustainable growth long after our work is done. 

It is this mentality that Meagan will impart to business leaders during this discussion, providing them with a tried and tested road map to sustainable success.