Barefoot College has always appreciated and elevated the need for partnership. It’s the core foundation of all we’ve done over the past 45 years. Villages around the world directly benefit from these associations, be they like-minded NGOs or world corporations.

“Poverty is complex,” says Barefoot College International CEO Meagan Fallone. “You can’t address a complex problem with a linear solution. You need a network. We are entering a time where you collaborate or you fail.”

Our deep partnership with Hogan Lovells is such a collaboration. The international legal firm provides pro bono legal services, education programs and global advocacy for our work. But more importantly, the partnership builds lasting relationships committed to solutions.

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“They do amazing work. I’m lucky enough to have visited them,” said Patrick Sherrington, Regional Managing Partner – Asia Pacific Middle East. “and I was truly humbled by what they do there.”

As part of its firmwide commitment to empower women around the world, our two organizations set a partnership goal to:

With each personal exchange between our two organizations, we move closer to that goal but also deepen our ties, around a shared commitment to make significant impact on the 2015 UN SDGs.

“It’s an amazing program that empowers women through their Solar Mamas program. They teach illiterate or semi-literate women, who may seem less effective in the village. They are the rocks of the village. They train them to become solar engineers, from picture books and demonstrations on how to construct and service solar panels,” Sherrington said.


This is the time when the power of partnership has fueled expansion growth and impact around the world. You can be a part. Did you know that you can provide a solar kit for a single household for just $550?