Barefoot College International makes Solar Products Available to Everyone

Barefoot College International has officially begun to sell its famous Diva Solar Lanterns after much popular demand. The lanterns are identical to those used by our Solar Mamas around the world. They are known for their long-lasting batteries and high level of brightness. Each woman beneficiary receives a lantern and a Bindi solar torch after she has graduated. Lanterns are available now in red and yellow.

Diva Solar Lanterns reduce 4000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere each year. That’s equivalent to using 133, 333 fewer coal-powered LED bulbs. The lanterns are proudly India-made and are a women-led initiative. Local rural women build, service and source Diva Lanterns. They manage lantern sales on the ground for Indian communities.

solar mama sakhi barefoot college women A Solar Sakhi visits rural Indian communities to promote lanterns


Diva Lanterns are quick charging and stay bright for up to 100 hours per charge. Their rechargeable batteries are guaranteed to last +2 years and are replaceable. This results in less waste as the lanterns continue shining brightly for decades. Lanterns also contain USB mobile charging plugs, offering communities convenience in green alternatives.

How the Sale of Solar Products Began

Women entrepreneurs (“Solar Sakhis” and “Solar Mamas”) have created their own markets and networks for green product distribution. Their services span from mid-range to last-mile communities. They are helping to address the energy aspirations of rural communities.

solar mama barefoot college woman A Solar Mama tests out a red DIVA Solar Lantern


The BINDI brand of solar products aligns with our Women Prosper program. CSR partners, government, and local NGO partners support this highly successful initiative. It combines the strengthening of the market, technology, and skills. This fosters a lasting positive impact on the environment, women, communities, and the rural population. It now fully operates across 15 states in India and is expected to continue growing.

Lighting their way forward

The Women Prosper Initiative brings together the most holistic integration of training, personal development, technology and marketing. Access to capital scales the distribution of Renewable Energy products by up to 70% in the rural Indian market. It allows for a smart subsidy for those at the very bottom of the pyramid. Thus we help facilitate and meet “access to energy for all” targets in India.

Features of the DIVA Lanterns:

  • Long-life Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 12 Nos. 0.5 Watt SMD LED for bright white light
  • MPPT charging circuit for quick charging of the battery
  • Three light modes : (1) Night Light Mode (2) One Side Lighting Mode (3) 360° Light Mode
  • 5V, 1A USB Mobile Charging

Support this Initiative and get your Very Own DIVA Lantern!

You can purchase your Diva Lantern from our official Amazon Page and read more about our initiatives that operate using a women-centric model.