Raising Awareness Around Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Each year, we use Menstrual Hygiene Day to spread awareness and disseminate knowledge about sexual and reproductive health (SRHR). This year, our team has gone the extra mile to provide young adults with information about their bodies and their rights. Accessibility to SRHR information wanes in more underprivileged areas. We are committed to supporting a future filled with bright, informed adolescent minds even in rural communities.

sexual health menstrual hygiene curriculum barefoot college


Barefoot College International and Aspen New Voices Fellows have collaborated to create an interactive, beautifully illustrated picture book curriculum which provides adolescents with accurate information on their sexual and reproductive health and rights. The book contains four modules which enable adolescents to understand:

  •  the physical and emotional changes
  •  the process of menstruation and hygienic use of menstrual care products
  •  how to develop and practice a good personal hygiene routine
  •  sexual and reproductive health rights, including ways to create safe relationship boundaries

Use this link to read and download our co-created SRHR Curriculum:


sexual health menstrual hygiene barefoot college

Sexual and Reproductive Health Curriculum Two-Tiered Objective

With this book, our goal is to help both adolescents and community leaders like teachers, frontline workers, community health champions and faith leaders. We want to equip these community leaders with sexual and reproductive health resources that are fully stacked with useful information for the youth of today. They can amplify this information in their communities and create safe spaces for dialogue with adolescents.

More than 700 adolescents and community leaders have already used the book. Together, we are committed to disseminating this to many more local and remote communities.

Menstrual health is central to BCI’s vision of working towards equitable access to health information and services for communities. The approach focuses on menstruators’ right to access information and choose a menstrual health product. We have co-created various tools and collaborated with like-minded organizations to reach out to some of the last mile communities across the globe.

sexual health sanitary napkins senegal Solar Mamas at our Senegal campus learn about reusable sanitary napkins


Over the last 5 years, BCI has worked with more than 5000 community health champions in India, Zanzibar, Senegal, Guatemala, Burkina Faso, Pacific Islands, and Cameroon. Globally, we’ve offered menstrual hygiene and sexual health information and interactive toolkits. These have enabled them to further disseminate knowledge in their communities.

This Menstrual Hygiene Day, our hope is to create more safe spaces where menstruators (and non-menstruators) can have dialogue around dignified menstrual and sexual health experiences and work towards menstrual equity.

How can you support our work?

1) Donate to support the continuation of curriculum creation of this kind and the spreading of such content.

2) Share this campaign with your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances and urge them to be part of this campaign.


We are launching a sexual health campaign to reach a goal of USD $7 500 (Rs 5,00,000) 

  • Your donation of $5 could fund the purchase of five reusable sanitary towels for someone experiencing their menstrual cycle. 500 million women and girls worldwide are without access to basic menstrual products and your donation is part of the solution!
  • A donation of $15 will fund the delivery of our bespoke menstrual health and development programme to one girl in India. Your support will give her the opportunity to learn about her period without shame, and help communities change their attitudes towards menstruation.
  • Create lasting impact through the training of FIVE community menstrual health educators! Your $250 will allow us to train and equip five new educators to deliver our menstrual health curriculum to girls across India!

sexual health menstrual hygiene barefoot college


We’re currently running a campaign to raise awareness about sexual health and menstrual hygiene. Learn more about it and ways you can support it:


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