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Our wonderful solar engineers come from near and far to train at the Barefoot College campus. And on this particular and very special day, they happened to begin their training with a visit from former president Bill Clinton.


Affectionately referred to as “Solar Mamas”, illiterate grandmothers from seven different countries all gather in Barefoot College’s pioneering campus in Tilonia, Rajasthan for six months to become solar engineers. Clinton met with all 34 of them – representing the most remote parts of the world in Papua New Guinea, Zanzibar, DRC, Myanmar, and others. Clinton also got a chance to meet just a few of the people who keep this incredible initiative alive and well: the solar coordinator Bhagwatnandan, master solar trainer Guman , and Barefoot College founder Bunker Roy. Barefoot College volunteers from diverse backgrounds and countries all over the world were honoured to be a part of the meeting, and helped with setting up the solar demonstration, and translation for some of the Solar Mamas. President Clinton left with a wide smile, and a solar lantern, courtesy of the Barefoot Solar Initiative.

Thanks to everyone who made this joyous encounter possible.