Art Aid Partners with Barefoot College International

Australian artist enterprise Art Aid has partnered with us and many other humanitarian organizations to connect art sales to the direct support of beneficial humanitarian causes. Each time a work of art is sold, proceeds go to organizations including Barefoot College International, Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children.

art aid barefoot college international partnership

One-Third of the cost of each limited-edition art print sold from the group of trailblazing artists goes to the charity of your choice at check-out. A wide range of works is available in their online shop. The full brilliant collection can be seen here. You can support artists while contributing proceeds to a cause that resonates with you.

We’re excited about this partnership because it exemplifies the impact that all organizations can bring when sharing their unique talents and capacities. We’re grateful that Art Aid has selected us as one of their partners and hope that we can continue to develop these relationships with a wide array of enterprises around the world.

art aid barefoot college women donate

Empowering artists & collectors to respond to humanitarian & ecological issues around the world.

-Art Aid mission

Our partnerships have been a vital force in building and sustaining our programs. The support of our partners goes beyond funding our global initiatives. Partnerships provide strength in numbers and an indication that others resonate with the work we’re doing. The motivation to create social change in our global communities, we believe, is an inherent quality of all societies. Coming together to build a positive and equitable future for all is made easier when we all carry the load.

art aid barefoot college partnership