Our Relief Strategy Package

As an established global team of dedicated front-line workers, we have pivoted our resources and efforts towards supporting our long-standing and growing network of grassroots entities on the ground and the beneficiaries that they have been serving. As we are already positioned to communicate, strategize and prepare teams in 93 countries with over 100 active ground partners, our responsibility is to continue effectively providing resources and assistance to those most in need. By immediately implementing long and short term strategies that utilize a range of mechanisms, we expect to cater to challenges if and when they occur regionally.

Our goal is to keep communities safe, supplied and informed


Our programmatic response is aimed at teaching and skilling rural women on the front lines in disaster response through the use of Smartphone technology. This resolves physical barrier and distance issues, enabling us to continue building networks in communities regardless of accessibility. Remote learning technology will be employed through our Latin America- based partners Fundación Capital, who are globally regarded for their mobile apps which specialize in financial inclusion. The technology is already employed by 7 national governments in Latin America.

Through their smartphones, recipients will be able to take our Enriche Curriculum Training, which includes health and wellness, domestic violence awareness, savings behaviour, budgeting and home-based micro-enterprises. These topics are expected to enhance personal and financial resilience and preparedness for future economic consequences through the pandemic.

To enable us to track this learning progress in our active localities, we’re also employing a predictive monitoring tool in partnership with Dimagi Inc. Dimagi is recognized by the World Economic Forum for its social enterprise work and is part of their exclusive network of awardees.

Women and children are among the most vulnerable to the effects on villages from the pandemic

Women: At the Heart of our Efforts

We are committed to handling the current situation very seriously, catering to the requests of the regions we serve tactfully and efficiently with their guidance. We also recognize this as an opportunity to position more women on the ground in leadership roles as livelihoods remain threatened and every pair of hands become vital in the act to protect communities from instability.

From historical accounts, women become recognized as equally necessary in the efforts against unprecedented forces, and eventually as leaders in society as a whole. Women’s strength, perseverance and practical wisdom is what is necessary for communities to remain prepared and steady over the coming months. Their unwavering dedication to families and communities at their very roots instill confidence and solidarity among peers. Thus, we firmly believe that employing their insights during these times is essential to communities’ safety and health.

Workshops conducted on health and sanitation for safety during times of COVID-19, Zanzibar

Saving Lives by Saving Livelihoods

Our short term immediate Relief Response to assist grassroots communities and grassroots-based rural organizations has been swift and is already showing success. We are allocating funds to alleviate overhead expenses and keep operations running and maintained during this critical time. The efforts of workers on the ground must continue flowing smoothly as a means of supporting rural communities that may otherwise become disconnected.

It is expected that many groups will experience a total loss of funds despite the essential services that they continue to supply to local communities. Our need for them to continue their services to last-mile communities globally has therefore not been overlooked. They distribute fundamental basic needs such as food, medical and safety provisions and disseminate vital information.

Women practice effective handwashing methods following a workshop on sanitation, Zanzibar

We’ve Already Begun Contributing

Stemming from the entire International and Indian Barefoot College staff, the Relief Response has already begun. A voluntary staff pay reduction during the most critical months of the pandemic acts as a stimulus to this effort, ensuring that our civil society actors can continue working securely. The funds are also going toward our Survival Kit and delivery efforts, to ensure that families who are most in need of food and sanitary supplies receive them forthwith.

We are now accepting donations from our patrons, newcomers and partners- any amount will benefit our most at-risk communities and those who are directly serving them.

We are also currently looking to partner and collaborate with foundations and corporations who are interested in creating a System of Rapid Innovation Adoption and additional relief effort technologies. It is through these modern creations and implementations that we are confident in a constructive, equitable and flourishing future.

Our Survival Kit deliveries are sending food and sanitary rations to families in need


To contribute to our current Relief Responses, please donate here today.