We’d like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a very Joyous New Year!
We send our sincere thanks for your ongoing support

2023 has been a fantastic year of growth for Barefoot College International! Our projects have installed 2,485 solar home lighting systems overall, and we have trained over 850 women in economic uplift livelihood skills.

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Women selling goods resulting from new livelihood skills have achieved above-market average prices for their work. Overall, your support has helped us to positively transform the quality of life for marginalized women through energy, educational and economic access.

We’re thrilled by your willingness to be a part of solving poverty for good. Here is a short year-end summary of what your generosity has achieved in key project regions.

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A year of success has resulted in 240 solar home installations, 8 women trained in advanced Solar Engineering, 27 Solar Engineers trained as advanced Master Trainers and 262 women trained in beekeeping and honey production, a lucrative livelihood in this region that normally results in a 50% income increase for women.

We have also been able to equip 463 young women and girls with menstrual health products and education, making a huge difference to their ability to finish school after puberty.


We have trained 29 new female Solar Engineers; trained 8 new Master Trainers, and 37 women in agricultural skills across multiple versatile crops, alongside permaculture and sustainability skills.

All trained Solar Engineers can build and maintain solar home lighting systems and portable solar tools, making them resilient and self-empowered women for their community’s energy needs.

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Our projects have installed an amazing 775 solar home lighting systems, transforming the quality of life of not just women, but of over 4,500 remotely living, rural people who now live with clean energy access. We have trained 24 new female Solar Engineers.

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Barefoot College International showcased female Solar Engineers installing home lighting systems at COP28! We also trained 12 new women as Solar Engineers, and 14 women in advanced drone use for agricultural purposes.

Thank you for your ongoing support! Our success this year has only been possible because of the generosity of our donors, and of people like YOU joining us on the journey to stop rural poverty and the marginalization of women for good!

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Best wishes for the Holidays and New Year!

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Warmest wishes and see you next year!
The Barefoot College International team