An ARMY That Does Good Deeds


K-Pop band BTS is considered the biggest band in the world– their newest release “Dynamite” has recently enjoyed a second week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. They’re known for advocating doing good deeds and contributing to causes that can help change the world for the better. In fact, their fanbase launches campaigns for organizations that they select to raise funds for- under the name One in an ARMY.

To celebrate BTS band member Namjoon’s birthday, One in an ARMY’s latest campaign is focused on Barefoot College’s Digital Night Schools, globally recognized for offering schooling that takes place during evenings and can fully function offline for last-mile communities that are too far from any grid electricity.

BTS member Namjoon celebrates his birthday this week. Photo by


Accessible education for all children is a passion of Namjoon’s. We are honoured that our program is being supported- so far, the campaign has raised over $15000 to directly fund our remote learning programs, aimed to keep learning materials in the hands of rural children during the setbacks that COVID-19 has caused.

Why is Barefoot’s Work Being Supported?


Our Digital Night Schools are notably successful at providing even the most disconnected, underserved regions with comprehensive alternative education that runs during evenings using solar-powered equipment and lights. This enables children with daytime obligations, such as farming or taking care of siblings, to continue their learning journeys. With at least 50% of classes comprised of girls, we aim to boost gender equity and equal opportunity in every village where our Night Schools run.

We’re ensuring that all children have access to education


We have implemented 3 new remote learning approaches which aim to provide over 1500 students with class lessons and digitized curriculums that help children to stay engaged while their regular school classes are affected by the pandemic. With the use of smartphones, Worldreader material and direct Whatsapp interaction with their local teachers, our programs ensure that fewer dropouts occur.

Pilots of the program revealed that more children are inspired to continue with their studies from the safety of their homes, with assistance from their parents, when they are sent material by us. Over 600 of our students have been provided with lessons so far and have shared positive feedback with their parents and teachers, who assist them with their homework. Our immediate goal is to be able to provide lessons to every child who attends our Night Schools.

A HUGE Thank You to One in an ARMY!

We are immensely grateful for the generosity of One in an ARMY to raise funds for our innovative remote education efforts. With what’s been raised so far, we’re able to open one more Night School in India- if $16 000 is reached, there will be enough to open an additional school. There are currently 50 Digital Night Schools established across India, which educate more than 1500 children and employ hundreds of rural teachers who also receive training through Barefoot College.

We can’t wait for school to start again- in the meantime, let’s keep education accessible!


We strongly believe that the wellbeing of communities begins with access to fruitful education for every girl and boy child. Digital Night Schools are recognized as one of the most effective ways to uplift communities, instilling resilience, adaptability and critical thinking skills. The effects of climate change can also be reduced regionally while sustainability awareness and responsible land stewardship are shared.


Visit the Campaign Page to support this impactful effort and ensure that every child receives an education!


A Night School student uses off-grid technology to learn