Installations in Several Indian Communities

We are pleased to share the Northeastern India installation progress in 5 key regions and 4 states that occurred over the past few months.

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2022 has been a busy year for our Indian Solar team, who’ve facilitated the installation process with our Solar Mamas in Ujjala Samaj and Kalpatru Ashram of West Bengal, AIDA Dibrugarh of Assam, AIDA of Arunachal Pradesh and Codnerc of Mizoram.

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This year, an impressive 335 solar home lighting system installations were conducted by the Solar Mamas and BCI support team in Northeastern India. Several villages were also equipped with REW system installations and workshops on how to best take advantage of these hubs within their communities.

The BCI team’s visits also serve to conduct village meetings where the program is fully discussed among the Indian communities involved. Meetings with partners and opportunities to provide refresher training to the beneficiaries can also occur during these visits.

india solar mama women sustainable

Rural India Increases its Sustainability

This initiative aims to foster localized resilience in the marginalized regions of the Northeast, spanning several villages and 4 states. Gaining access to solar electricity enables communities to reduce costs and time spent on travelling and purchasing fuel for energy while additionally offering them a clean alternative to fossil fuels. In doing so, the risks involved are also greatly reduced.

Toxic fumes emitted by for example burning wood or kerosene lamps indoors are decreased by a reported 99% once solar light becomes available. Solar lights are also far safer than burning things indoors, where the risk of fires can be high. Solar as a renewable, carbon emission-free alternative also lasts much longer, as batteries can last as long as 10 years when maintained properly.

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Challenges in Northeastern India

Northeast India is notorious for power outages and regions that are still not connected to grid electricity. In West Bengal alone, more than 8000 villages are estimated to be without power. Another 1200 in Assam are without power, and a recent report stated that as much as 92% of areas that are allegedly electrified (78% of Assam) are actually still in the dark. 13854 families of Mizoram have been recorded as living without electricity.

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Road conditions are poor, terrains create largely inaccessible villages and monsoons and rainy seasons can make travel extremely cumbersome to these regions. Extreme weather conditions also render grid electricity unreliable for large portions of the year. Power shortages still frequently occur. Solar electricity helps to bypass many of these concerns as long as the sun is shining sometimes.

You can support this ongoing initiative to ensure that more remotely located rural families receive solar electricity. Visit our donate page and see the ways you can be part of this movement.

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india solar mama barefoot college